Lunar Twin

Night Tides

Co-Release Moon Sounds Records

and lunartwin.bandcamp.com 17 March 2017


Massive Attack, Soulsavers, Washed Out, Nick Cave, Talvin Singh


Indie electronica/tropical noir:  Waves, Coral Sea, Blood Moon

Synth-wave/Chill-wave: Prayers of Smoke, Birds of Paradise, Night Tides

This LP takes listeners on a journey thru lush downtempo. synth and chill wave, and ultimately to the ocean at night. 


  • Waves
  • Blood Moon
  • Coral Sea
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Prayers of Smoke
  • Night Tides


Website: lunartwin.bandcamp.com

Promotional Video: “Night Tides” Promo

Facebook: facebook.com/lunartwin

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/lunartwin

Email: twinlunar@gmail.com.

Lunar Twin present their new LP for Cassette release on Dallas Texas Boutique label Moon Sounds Records and Digital Release & Lathe Cut Vinyl Formats at lunartwin.bandcamp.com.

Night Tides LP Cover art by and photo credit: Sarah Rae Higgins and Justin Miyamoto Mastering: Scott Selfridge

Shot on location in Hilo, Hawaii

Lunar Twin Band photo credit Desert Heat Studios

A few years after a chance meeting at the Denver Underground Music festival, the duo started working under the Lunar Twin moniker in 2013. They have previously released two records, the debut ” Lunar Twin EP “in 2014 on Lunar industry in Los Angeles and “Champagne Remixes ” with German boutique label Emerald & Doreen Records In Berlin in 2015. They’ve also had songs.featured on the compilations:

Efferessence, At sea Records 2016 Hamburg Germany.

Mind the Gap #119 Gonzo Circus magazine Cd Brussels Belgium 2016 RockBack For Nepal Benefit. CD Patetico Records (Philadelphia, USA 2015)

Chris Murphy (multi-instrumentalist/producer) lives in Salt Lake in addition to his studio work in recent years he has been support act on bills with many international artists such as Grimes, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Peaches. Bryce Boudreau (vocalist, songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles) resides in Hawaii.

“The Night Tides LP was written and recorded on location in a Hawaiian cloud forest and the Salt Flat Desert”, Bryce Boudreau (Vocalist) explains from his home on Hawaii island. “We both live thousands miles apart separated by the pacific ocean of miles of mountains and desert. These totally different places of isolation are the nexus of our songwriting”, states Chris Murphy from his home in downtown Salt Lake.

“Night Tides”, the new record from Lunar Twin, coming out 3-17-17 on limited edition cassette via MoonSounds records (Dallas, Texas / Seattle, Washington) and on digital & Lathe Cut Vinyl formats via Lunar Industry records (Los Angeles) @ lunartwin.bandcamp.com.