Instrumental music between psychedelic and funk rock with the run to nearly insane sounds – that’s what Hypertonus is about.
Founded in 2011, these three men from Bremen, Germany are a thrilling group having a wide range with rough sounds that will knock you down – but also a beautiful soundscape which will lend you a helping hand to stand up again.This album was recorded live on the 27th & 28th of February 2016. All songs written and performed by Hypertonus.

Hypertonus is:
Arne Staats (b) – Hannes Christen (dr) – Patrick Büch (gtr)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hypertonusband

Next dates:
18.03.2017 – Bremerhaven (+ MOTHERS CAKE)
07.04.2017 – Berlin
12.04.2017 – Amsterdam (NL) (+ FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL)
13.04.2017 – Bremen (+ FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL)
15.04.2017 – Osnabrück
16.04.2017 – Emden