Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins, both formerly of the enormously influential gothic rock band Bauhaus and post-Bauhaus acts Tones On Tail & Love And Rockets have announced their return, forming a new band entitled Poptone with Haskins’ daughter Diva that will perform the music of their three iconic bands this summer on tour in the US. Diva Dompe, the daughter of Kevin Haskins, previously played in BlackBlack; she’s released three solo albums.

Haskins and Ash last played together in Bauhaus during a 2006 reunion with bassist David J and frontman Peter Murphy, and in Love And Rockets again with David J in 2008. Tones On Tail, featuring bassist Glenn Campling, only ever performed live in 1984 and with their ‘Go!‘ definitely on this tour’s setlist, as shown on their Facebook page, fans are in for a treat. Ash had previously sworn off working with his former bandmates, stating in 2009: “It’s boring for me to do those songs that are so old… You’ve got to realize we’d been working in one capacity or another since 1979. That’s like a lifetime, you know. Time to move on.” And Kevin Haskins previously in 2007, stated: “We were getting along really well, but there was an incident that occurred…Some of us just felt that we didn’t want to carry on as a working unit“. Poptone has announced two shows in April thus far, with future shows promised.

Sarah Medeiros


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