Day Oof are 4 piece skate punk band from Athens- Greece. They’ve been around since 2008, the year they released their debut album ‘Something To Clean Up Your Butt With’. After 8 years they released their 2nd ‘The Vlack Album’ that was sold out pretty soon!

We have to inform you that we cannot wait for another 8 years for your 3rd hit (if we are still alive!)… Lets kick off the interview merely days before sharing the stage with legendary Comeback Kid on January 18th, at Gagarin 205, in Athens, Greece!

Hello Day Oof! We would like to know how long you have known each other; Tell us about how did you all meet then…

Hello beautiful people of! We’ve known each other for around 10 years but we’ve been friends for around 2 or 3 weeks :P. Back in the day we all attended most of the local punk rock shows. Our shared taste for good punk rock music is what brought us together in the first place.

Your music is considered to be ‘skate-punk’. I don’t think that we have many bands around serving this genre. What’s your opinion about that?

Indeed… Skate punk is not that popular with the masses. But it is becoming a thing around Europe! Fast, melodic, punk, metal, bands are emerging and we are happy that we are a part of this beautiful scene. Our country’s musical battleships are metal and stoner and this is great, but we would love to bring more people into skate punk.

We were lucky to catch you live at Gyftopoulou Street Festival in Chalandri- Athens last summer. You were one of the participating bands. Tell us about what happened in Myconos that summer (lol).

Gyftopoulou Street Festival is an amazing event. We had the chance to share the stage with Lunatic Medlar, Jungle Whisper, The Wrinkled Suits, Honeybadger and of course the almighty Planet Of Zeus!

In every Day Oof show you’re gonna hear stories, urban legends, and painful jokes.. We’re afraid we can’t share with you what happened in Mykonos that summer. What happens in a Day Oof gig, stays in the Day Oof gig 😛

The Vlack Album released in March 2016 was sold out!  Regarding ‘The Month Has Nine’ lyrics:

Be prepared now

It’s time to deny all your needs ,

Time to stop feeding your infinite greed.

This system won’t run forever so why not try ×2”

Explain your thoughts about the lyrics.

The Month Has Nine‘ is one of our favorite songs on the album and one of our favorites to play live. The song urges you to make changes to improve your life and who you are as a person. Sometimes we are stressed out, sidetracked or stacked in miserable routines but we all dream of better days. So go on! Don’t be afraid and try changes that will bring you closer to your goals and what you truly want. Don’t let the system get you down.

Tell us a story about a day or night in studio with Day Oof.

Why tell when we can actually show you? We have an audio visual panorama just right here. Please watch responsibly.

On January 18 you are performing in Gagarin 205, supporting Comeback Kid. How do you feel about that one?

Comeback Kid is a legendary, hardcore punk band! We are so excited and we just can’t hide it! We want to thank Eva and all the people involved for giving us the opportunity to be part of this ass-kicking event. We appreciate it and want you to know that we’re going full throttle on stage! (as always xD)


You have a slogan that you write and tell every time, it’s “gamiste tous” and that means “fuck them” in Greek (forgive my French!) . How did you come up with this one?

Oh we just can’t get enough of this one! It’s a beautiful phrase that’s been with us for so many years that we hardly remember its origins. It is something random that lacks a specific identity, but at the same time we feel that it unites us all under the same banner. It is all of us against all of them. Whoever they are. xD ‘Gamiste tous‘ is our battle-cry – our signature. ❤

You had a tour in Europe with The Overjoyed. Tell us about this tour and the best audience that you played…

That tour was our first real attempt to leave the comfort of our home and hit the road. Happy to say , the tour was a success!

The Overjoyed are super fun guys! We had a great time, drinking, laughing , gambling… Amazing experience! Best part of it was meeting and playing with a lot of bands that have the same goals and share the same love for our music scene! It is amazing to travel the world and meet people from different cities, different cultures and become one with them! We thank all the bands, the promoters and above all, the people that showed up! True heroes to the last man. Best night was the show in Nuremberg hosted by the epic guys from KNRD Fest! The place was sick and the crowd, the promoters, and the hospitality in general is something hard to forget. We made hundreds of new friends : )

Future plans and goals?

We would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and productive 2018! It is going to be a good year for us. We are working very hard on creating new music, new content ,and new unforgettable live shows . In 11 months we are going to celebrate the 10 years of Day Oof. Stay tuned people ; )

Thank you Nena for your time and  for this lovely interview. Was great talking to you.

Hugs and kisses to everyone at

Day Oof,

Gamiste tous!

Photo credits: Alex Christidis

Nena Gioti