Monolithic, early Norwegian black metal inspired duo from Lausanne Daerachas released their debut EP ‘The Executioner’ last January. In the vein of legendary bands such as Burzum, Mayhem and Darkthrone Daerachas are ready to “unleash the beast”.  

Please introduce Daerachas to Last Day Deaf’s readers. In other words, a brief bio of the band…

We are a black metal band from Lausanne, Switzerland. We are currently two in the band: Samuel Jaton on drums and Quentin Zucconi on guitar and vocals. We try to produce an underground music that is part of the musical line of Scandinavian groups in the 90s.

Your debut EP ‘The Executioner’ was released in January. Which was the writing and recording process? Why did it take almost 2 years to record?

The lyrics are the first thing we did. The music was composed accordingly. ‘The Executioner‘ and ‘Esprit Sans Tête‘ are among the first tracks. The others were composed much later.

The 12-minute monolithic opus ‘Trois Morts, Trois Vifs’ is one the outstanding track of the EP. Would you like to share some words about it?

It is the piece that was the most worked! The lyrics are inspired by a medieval Middle Eastern tale and engravings of the time.

On your Facebook page you state: “A black metal inspired mainly by bands of the second wave of the Norwegian scene in the nineties (Darkthrone, Mayhem, Burzum … etc).” Apart from these apparent influences which other musical & non-musical would you regard as influences?

The Middle Ages mainly, especially those darkest periods. Musically everything related to the base of black metal.

How would you describe the Lausanne black metal scene, and in general the Swiss black metal scene? Are you aware of the fantastic space black metal act Darkspace?

In Switzerland, it is a lot of word of mouth. There’s a lot of underground scene. Of course we know them! It is one of the biggest atmospheric black metal bands and an inspiration for much of the black metal scene in Switzerland.

Are you planning to perform live in the near future? How would you describe a typical (if I can use this word) Daerachas’ gig?

As soon as we get the chance! We wear the corpse paint and put a skull and bones on our stage. If possible smoke, candles and ensens. A relatively macabre atmosphere.

How was the experience of Youth Gone Wild II event? Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you were the only participating black metal act on this one. Satisfied?

Indeed we were the only black metal band. For us, the most important and satisfying thing is to be able to play and spread our art. We are satisfied.


How did the deal with GlobMetal Promotions come about? Are you satisfied so far wih the collaboration?

When we released our EP they quickly contacted us. We put it on our Bandcamp page. Yes overall we are satisfied.

At the moment the project consists of only two members! Are you thinking of maybe expanding the band and involving any more members?

We have a bass player potential that makes Tibetan throat singing. But this is not yet certain or official.

Future plans?

We started working on a future album.

Christos Doukakis