We all loved Alice Glass, the former Crystal Castles’ singer. ‘Concrete’ the first sample from their fourth long-awaited album ‘Amnesty (I)’, scheduled for release on August 19th by Last Gang Records, shook us really well. Then came the dark, ethereal ‘Femen’, and now the ‘electrorgasmic’ ‘CHAR’ with some great vocals from Edith Frances, the new muse for Ethan Kath. Check the artwork and the tracklist below:


01 “Femen”

02 “Fleece”

03 “Char”

04 “Enth”

05 “Sadist”

06 “Teach Her How To Hunt”

07 “Chloroform”

08 “Frail

09 “Concrete”

10 “Ornament”

11 “Kept”

12 “Their Kindness Is Charade”

Christos Doukakis