Orchestral – cinematic music, electronica, film scores and music awards: The wonderful world of Craig Armstrong.

But Craig Armstrong needs no special introduction. Released on 19th February 2002, ‘As If To Nothing‘ was the second -non-soundtrack- album by great Scottish composer Craig Armstrong, featuring collaborations with Mogwai, Bono, King Crimson, Photek, Evan Dando, Steven Lindsay.

As If To Nothing‘ continues on the same music path with the fascinating debut ‘The Space Between Us‘, but it is more cinematic and adventurous.

Ruthless Gravity‘ starts the album into a mysterious space, while in the 2nd half of the song industrial beats offer a dramatic grand finale. Gentle acoustic guitar, soft strings, Evan Dando’s warm voice. Second track, ‘Wake Up In New York‘, embodies the serenity after the storm, an emotive acoustic song, almost heavenly. The instrumental treat ‘Finding Beauty‘, takes off peacefully bringing an orchestral crescendo later on. It is another masterpiece with excellent melody. However, the most impressive song of the album is called ‘Waltz‘. German singer Antye Greie-Fuchs presents a Björk alike, multilingual spoken-word wonder, into ambient – cinematic nebula, and minimal-electronic sounds. A brilliant masterpiece. ‘Starless II‘ is a magnificent instrumental piece, with a breathtaking start that melts into a heartfelt touching melody. ‘Choral Ending‘, as its title suggests, is a haunting finale to the album.

After his debut, Armstrong offered us another phantasmagorical album. ‘As If To Nothing‘ is a unique masterpiece for the upcoming rainy winter days.

Theodoros Rentesis