Cool…Smooth…Chill. 5 tracks for your complete leisure, relief & enjoyment. Best enjoyed on weekend evenings.

Backwater Township – Gesalul (Love)

(nu jazz, jazz fusion)

Fairy-like vocals, eclectic nu jazz melodies, impeccable performance, for this 8-minute gem of outer trippyness  by the Canadian outfit Backwater Township! 

Frolin – Gratitude

(neoclassical, folk, acoustic)

Frolin’s ‘Gratitude’ is a stunning amalgam of nordic folk, neoclassical and acoustic, unleashing calmness & tranquility… Beautiful!

Deru – The Dirt

(neoclassical, ambient)

According to the press release, “the Legend of Korra sound designer and two-time Emmy winner Benjamin Wynn aka Deru worked on a Yamaha Disklavier, an acoustic piano outfitted with solenoids that allows it to be digitally controlled, happening here by the custom software created by Wynn to sequence it.” An ideal sample is ‘The Dirt’, a unique composition of utter seduction. 

Mike Georgiades – Wasteground

(neoclassical. acoustic, post rock)

A transcendent compostion by the classical guitarist and TV/game composer from London Mike Georgiades, who genuinely combines elements of post rock and ambient with a remarkable result….

Walca – Don Miguel (Feat. Menke)

(downtempo, indie electronic)

A ravishing downtempo/indie electronic ear-candy, unleashing tons of emotion, with dream-like sound scapes is the collaboration between the Swedish independent electronic/experimental music band Walca with the great Scandinavian act Menke…. Excellent!

Christos Doukakis