“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” 
Charles Dickens

Guessed it well! CLONES is a mystery, remaining to be revealed (?) on the Concrète Tapes Stage, since they are playing the very first edition of Vernal Equinox festival, March 3rd. All we know til now is that they are “scarier alter-egos of mask-clad Preston doom-metallers Evil Blizzard; and these laconic answers. So, will you resist?

So guys, who are CLONES? Let’s start with the basics… 

CLONES is no one and CLONES is everyone… “we are all the same”.

On 3rd March you will be appearing for your debut performance at Vernal Equinox festival! What should we expect from this performance?  

Expect nothing apart from what you are left with.

Since I couldn’t really find any CLONES’ sounds over the net, could you please describe your music to us?  

Dance music inspired by Evil Blizzard.

In what way would you say CLONES differentiate from your alter-ego Evil Blizzard?

It’s worse and it’s better.

No social media yet regarding the project. Is it deliberate? 

We don’t need any media as we don’t exist.

Do you believe that a modern act/band/project could exist with a social media appearance?  

With or without? All bands need exposure to feel like people can hear or understand them. We don’t need any as we don’t need people to do the same.

Which bands have mostly influenced CLONES’ sound and in what way?   

The Wombles, The Prodigy and The Dooleys.

Are you planning any release in the near future?    

No, ever had the feeling you have been cheated?

Since these questions were done in dark ,without any info regarding, you are free to add anything else you like… 

 Do you wear leg warmers in the same colour as your gloves?

Christos Doukakis