The Athens based quartet Boxes Of Blow is a new group of Greek dark wave scene. Their music ranges between melodic electronic lines to hard noisy guitar riffs and a charming saxophone all mixed together in purpose to optimize the atmospheric dark sonic effect. The quartet is about to share the same stage with Wanderlust and The Cabin Fever at Death Disco this Sunday 18/3. And while fans are anticipating this “dark” event, Last Day Deaf caught the opportunity to get in touch with the band and learn as much as we can about them and their music. 

First of all, would you like to introduce yourselves and tell us what is the contribution of each member in the post punk quartet Boxes Of Blow?

Hello, we are the Boxes Of Blow. Each member has its significant role in this quartet. Thodoris Koutsogiannis at lead vocals and bass, Tina Koulouris at synths, George Alimisis on drums and Alexios Othon Theodoridis at guitars, and backing vocals.

How you’ve met, whose idea was it to form the band, how you’ve started to get along and play together, how come post punk/new wave project and even post punk with wind instruments?

The first meeting took place in the summer of 2016 when Thodoris and Alexios met on a festival playing with different projects each other. They decided to form a band with post punk, darkwave and noise sounds. After much experimentation and changing members in April 2017 the band took its final form with the addition of Tina and George.

Where are you recording? Is there a place that you like playing together to rehearse to share your dark music ideas?

The rehearsals took place at Alexios’ Bedroom Studio. It is more convenient to share time and experimentation there. As for the recordings, the first easy frequencies including synths, drums and guitars are done at the same place. The recordings of bass, lead vocals as well as the mix and mastering were made at the Artracks Studios by George Priniotakis.

Are you preparing some new set of work? If you do prepare a new set can you give us some info about the recording?

Yes, these months we are recording our songs to publish our first album this year. We try each song not to be the same as the previous and each one brings different influences and ideas.

What about the track ‘The Longest Lost Hope’; The sound reminds us of the darkest music era of 80’s. What was the source of inspiration? What do the lyrics mean? Could you give us the supernatant – the hiding text behind the lyrics?

Well, it talks about a blatant theme really – love, and how exasperating it is and rather hopeless. Yet, in all its elusiveness, love pushes us to stretch our limits, therefore becoming a necessary force.  A force to reach beyond despite knowing that falling is almost certain, that’s why it is “the most noble” yet “the longest lost hope”. The lyrics of this song have been written by a good friend of the group, Marirena Pagaki and they touched us deeply.

What about the song writing process, how do you cooperate together to make the new songs?

The first songs when the band reached its definitive form were written by Alexios but afterwards when we all got together we found out that our blending opened new musical pathways.

What about your influences which are the bands that have determined your music genre as a group? And or which are your favorite albums by them?

There are so many classical bands from 80s such us Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure and others that have obviously influenced us. But we also try to take ideas from other not so well known bands such as Fuck Buttons and their noise attack.

What about your gig at Death Disco and the bands you will share the stage with? What should we expect?

You can expect an interesting live gig from 3 bands not so well known at new wave pop style of music. It will be hosted by Death Disco, a place which often houses local and foreign darkwave sound bands.

How do you spend your leisure time, are you doing things together?

We do some things together, in the little free time that we have. Mostly, we go together to live gigs of other bands or go out to parties of clubs because Thodoris is a well known DJ of the scene and organize music events that we like the music.

What is your opinion about Greece’s economic crisis as it has evolved and the phase that it has taken? Has it influenced your music style and your lyrics?

We think that we are not influenced much yet, we just met and formed a band to play music. We haven’t really written any lyrics about it. Yet, who knows about the future?

Photo credits: Yiannis T-Endeka

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