Boundaries is a 5-piece ‘unit’ from Hartford CT showing great talent and I think they are hitting oof with every release. The truth is that I do not like to label music, but it’s obvious that their sound  is mainly hardcore with strong metalcore references. For you, all the fans of the hard sound & DIY, we strongly recommend them. You must check out their latest “dynamite” ‘My Body In Bloom’ (Unbeaten Records, 2019) & catch them liveif you can within June.

Tell us some general information about you about how you met each other and how did you get to form the band?

We had all been playing shows together for years in separate projects. Kevin and I (Matthew) had been in a band together for a few years which had broken up around 2014-2015 and had known each other since grade school. Brandon and Cory were in a different project that fell apart about a year later and we just sort of all ended up in Boundaries, a band our guitarist Zadak had started when he was 15 and kept alive until the rest of us showed up.

How did your sound come from? Is it something you had pre-decided or just happened with your rehearsals?

Our sound has been developing since the first practice we ever had and hasn’t stopped. We wear our influences on our sleeves and the closer you look at what we do the more of them you’ll see. Our only goal has been to create something that is entirely ours and something that we enjoy, never to be a rip off or sound “like” anyone else.

I really like your video clips. What is the symbolism of the character that stars alongside your musical background; Is there any message that you want to convey?

Blush‘ is a very heavy song both musically and lyrically, the visuals are also intentionally vague. What I will say is that when you are in a violent unhealthy household, parts of what witness works its way into you and you’ll carry it with you always.

What do you think about the importance of the aggression of your music?

Aggression is everything to the genre we play, it allows songs to be angry, or somber, to be sad and serious. It allows us to feel heard and present on the subjects we write about and make people take us seriously.

Can you share with us some little information about your latest, recently released album?

We just put out a record called ‘My Body In Bloom‘ through Unbeaten Records. It’s without a doubt the record we are happiest with and the most proud of, we worked incredibly hard on it and feel like we put something out that’s really important to us and those that will connect with it. If you hated middle school and have trouble talking to strangers, this record is for you.

I have read praising reviews about your music, -not that you do not deserve them-. A point of discussion might well be if this pushes a band go forward or may get you feel a little bit nervous, cause they have to be better than before?

It’s always comforting to hear nice things about the art that you create and work so hard on, but at the end of the day, we make music for ourselves and the people who get us, if you don’t get us, that’s not our concern. I think a band only has to become nervous about following their own success when they stop being artistically honest.

Does your music appeal to a particular group of fans or to anybody who can get other elements from you?

We tour a lot and like most of this genres audience, lots of the people who come out to our shows are in the 18-30 demographic, but they’re all kinds of different people. Some people love the lyrics and what each song is about, some people just want to hear riffs, we value anyone who wants to listen to us equally and appreciate it all the same.

How do you like to create? Are there some common ways of expressing you as a band?

We find that writing constantly and consistently, then editing and revising has been the most successful way for us to make music we like. There are notebooks full of lyrics that have been thrown away or go unused and there are dozens of songs that are 90% done but we decide to not like enough to finish. Part of making something good is making something bad first.

Are there boundaries to what you do ?

We’re never going to do something we don’t want to do and we’ll never not do something we want to do.

A question besides music: Are there any other activities that you like to do?

Music is so much of our lives that if we aren’t on tour or working, then we’re all probably playing video games, often together, we’re all just a bunch of overgrown teenagers.

I have nothing else to add, thank you very much for the time you dedicated to us, I wish you whatever goals you have set either as a people or as a band to come true. Last words belong to you.

Thanks for the opportunity to chat with you, we’re on tour this summer with our friends in I Am and Orthodox 6/1 – 6/29, come out to a show and see what we’re all about.

6/01 – Dallas, TX @ Trouble N’ Texas Festival @ Gas Monkey Live
6/02 – Houston, TX @ Houston Underground
6/03 – Mobile, AL – (Venue Announced 5/17)
6/05 – Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
6/06 – Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda
6/07 – Orlando, FL @ Soundbar
6/08 – Jacksonville, FL @ Nighthawks
6/09 – Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern
6/10 – Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
6/11 – Stanhope, NJ @ Stanhope House
6/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar
6/13 – Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
6/14 – Waterford, NY @ Chrome
6/15 – Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
6/16 – Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry
6/17 – Toronto, ON @ The Baby G
6/18 – Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary
6/19 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
6/20 – Madison, WI @ X-Ray Arcade
6/21 – Minneapolis, MN @ Whiskey Junction
6/22 – Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
6/25 – Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
6/26 – Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street
6/27 – Austin, TX @ 523 Thompson
6/29 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Boozers Rock Bar

Michael Natsis