What we like most about BlueBalls, is that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and the fun factor is above all! Their live shows, including the upcoming one at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts on April 4th, will surely convince you. If you wanna have a good time, – which after all it’s really important -, then make sure you give this band a try. Hope you enjoy our chat…

First introductory question about the band. What made you form the band, and why BlueBalls, and not Red or Green?

There is always a story behind a name… We had a friend that had a relationship with a foreign girl, that lived far far away and they always argued on the phone. He kept saying “Please don’t give me Blueballs, Please don’t give me Blueballs“. The two founders of the band were looking for the name of their new band, so after a million times that they’ve heard the word “BlueBalls“, it was decided!

Correct me if I am wrong: Although your music could not be considered as cheerful, you have a fun approach regarding the band’s presentation? Are you afraid of taking you seriously then? Or is it the fun factor that is the BlueBalls’ thing mostly?

The first album we recorded was created with just a guitar and a voice before the band was fully formed and that’s why the songs are not that cheerful. When Kyriakos and Labros “finished” their studies and moved from Patras to Athens, we started playing live shows and the fun approach to the presentation of the band worked itself naturally.

One of my favorite tunes of yours is ‘Born To Ride’. It gives this sense of freedom. What’s the story of this one then?

I guess we were in a good mood that day!We created this tune as always. We Jam and we create. No script, no rules. Freedom!

Are you fans of sci-fi movies and in particular “Star Wars” movies’ series then?

We love sci-fi movies but we have a special love for “Star Wars“. Legends say that “Star Wars” was based on our Empire with the difference that our BlueBalls-Empire wins in the end.

Apart from your original stuff, you are also doing covers, like AC/CD’s ‘Back In Black’, in which you gave a soul/blues approach! Why did you choose this track to cover and to ‘make it yours’?

We didn’t choose this track, this track chose us! It’s the same old story… We are getting together to jam, somebody plays a tune and then the magic happens!

Funk, blues,rock & soul elements can be found in your art. Which artists have inspired mostly BlueBalls and in what way?

There is not enough time to say all the names!!!From Jimi Hendrix to Daft Punk, from Pink Floyd to Bruno Mars, from James Brown to AC/DC! It’s really endless! We listen literally everything and if something is good, it forms our music.


Would you like to share with our readers a cool/funny moment you had while on a live show?

Once the police tried to stop our show because the volume was “too loud” so for 20 minutes we played without music with the crowd singin’ with us the songs. A damn good moment to remember!

On April 4th you will be playing at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts stage. Why should we join you?

You should join us to witness the BlueBalls Empire forming in front of you, be a part of the squad, to shout “FSSSS” with us and to feel how it is to dance and laugh without stopping.

What holds the rest of 2018 for BlueBalls then?

Right now we are recording our brand new album that has the style we formed in the live shows!

Christos Doukakis