Switzerland-based abstract duo Blind Butcher is formed of Christian “Blind Banjo” Aregger (guitarist/vocalist) and Roland “Oklahoma Butcher” Bucher (drummer/bass/vocalist). You can find these flashy punks at 2017’s SpaceFest! in Gdańsk, Poland. Their latest album, the 10-track ‘Alawalawa’, is out now via Voodoo Rhythm Records. 

What made you two come together to create Blind Butcher back in 2010?

There was only crap music in Ritas Cupcake Club back in 2010. Maybe hard for you guys to understand this specific kind of Swiss pop at that time. Cow-minded crap! much much worser then listening to the washing machine, doing its job. So we came up to separate the worlds domain in four and not like in the ancient Greece time in three sections. The 4th domain is the sonic dimension       ruled by Lyra herself. She entered in our lives that night and blessed us.

You’ve had some time to digest the release of ‘Alawalawa’, what’s the response been like?

We released the album ‘Alawalawa‘ via the independent label Voodoo Rhythm Records from Switzerland. The label has an international reputation. We received nice and funny reviews all over the world.

How would you describe the recording process of ‘Alawalawa’?

The new album ‘Alawalawa‘ took us a lot of time. the goal was to bring our live energy on the LP & combine native instrumental-sound with electronics. To produce powerful & hypnotic rock ’n’ roll-ish  trance. We tried to be as free as possible from any influences. It sucks, if they compare our music, because then we know, that our  music is not unique enough. We got more than 20 songs after the recording-session, at the end we had ten songs solid from the bottom to the top. Recording and mixing took place in our own studio, the benefit was to have no rush and enough time for reflections.

Reverent Beat Man from Voodoo Rhyhtm Records was our solid backup with golden advises.

‘Staubsaugerbaby’ is probably my favourite off the album – possibly purely because it’s the first song of yours I’ve heard. A good introduction to a great duo. Do you have a favourite track of your own? Whether off this latest release or your  debut?

C: My favorites are mostly the new songs. When we play live, a lot  of new unpredictable things appear and spread lightness & freshness over the solid songs. This moments I like the  most.

Let’s discuss shopping! Where do you find your glitzy outfits?

C: Roland’s former girlfriend was a pilot. she stores always some one-piece ski-dresses from the 80s in the plane, in case of a emergency-landing. So we used them once for fun. During the show there was a waterfall of sweat swelling out of my sleeves, and we were close to die because of the heat. That was the beginning.

Best addresses are Paris & Chicago so far. But the world is full of surprises. I’m sure Danzig has some hidden miracles as well!

You’ve both been known to dabble in side projects musically, whether in other groups or producing for the theatre. Do you have anything going on you might want to  plug?

On the one hand we are already busy with our new album. On the other hand we’ re working on a big show with a group of handicapped musicians. We will play together the symphony trisomy. This takes a lot of time and passion, as with some of the lads you can not talk. the only way of communication is to play music together. But We’ll land on stage in a space craft and do some creepy shit. Everybody is unique.

What is a typical gig of Blind Butcher’s like? Give us the rundown.

A Blind Butcher gig is time travel & space travel. Hard to say more. We never have a set list so we can act & react, like a Dj. sometimes shirts off, sometimes pants off & maybe sometimes everybody gets bored. But I’m sure SpaceFest! will be a lot of fun, and we’re very very  on the top right now.

As one of the first acts announced for 2017’s SpaceFest!, is there anything you guys have up your sleeves for this performance in particular?

Fortunately the SpaceFest! is the beginning of our last block on the tour & we got some time to work-out some new songs & muscles. So we hope, to play some brand-new blaster tracks on the SpaceFest!. New merch-stuff obviously as well, work gloves, gym gear… etc….

What’s the long-term projection of this duo? What’s up the pipeline?

Like one song on the latest record ‘Alles Macht Weiter‘, we simply continue. We got a lot of shows next year. A tour in Italy. And a second one in France- Spain- Portugal. In the end of 2018 We release our new album, and play a release tour in Europe & hopefully in  Danzig too! Then the United States etc… Blind Butcher has a lot of possibilities. We plays mostly concerts, but we’re also composing  and playing music for the theatre or for movies or whatever.

Till spirit & passion leaves the Blind Butcher, he will be there for you.

Photo credits: Ralph Kuehne

Sarah Medeiros