I really can’t recall if there has been any other artist throughout the years, that has been so creative as this lady from Istanbul. Bewitched As Dark has beenreleasing her music as an one-woman-band since 2014 (Loading…), and the title of her first, looks like a predication for the sequel, that so far has, hold your breath, 10 yes, ten releases, three of them in 2016! She breathes and maintains the dark electronic wave/e.b.m. style she is dedicated to, which gives countless ideas for composing her impressive songs. Blended with lots of ideas from  her country’s traditions, she manages to keep the auditor alert in whatever path she is taking in the next track, and she manages to arrange and share her art like an ungrudging pixie.

LADY POISON‘ released earlier in October, following ‘SPADYUM‘ last February, and ‘MIST‘ in January, that both made an impact in the genre, and we in last day deaf held an interview in July with that mysterious, talented lady. So, the new release is an 11 track l.p, with a very sensual and sexy front cover , that could be on any mainstream “lolita” release but…it is dark and mysterious. Starting the trip with ‘Destroy The Planet‘, a dark, industrial-drone menacing opener, she shapes the path in the l.p., leading through pounding e.b.m.  and dark, mysterious chords with ‘Body Vibes‘ and ‘Cybernetics‘, both mid-tempo and hypnotizing with lots of samples and hard work in the engineering. ‘Lady Poison‘, the homonym is obviously designed for dancing wandering in the dark, underground clubs, a track of high tension and groove, same as ‘Dance Machine‘, both pounding and spooky that will get you out of the seated position, yeah! Down-tempo, catacombs and mass for ‘Subspecies‘ with an excellent and clever transport in the middle that took me off with that weird smile on my face, probably caused by the sampled female ritual vocals, that passes me in ‘The Soul In Kabbalah‘, in the same motive, dark, foggy and ritual. ‘Moon Jellies‘ is the psychedelic, space nightmare on the l.p., mostly appreciated with no lights and without escape door, same as ‘Moonlight Ceremony‘, an endless astral storm that is “translated” in music in a quite imposing way. ‘Shaman’s Shadow‘, -the title speaks for itself-, a tribal quest in keys and knobs, placing the beat as the Shaman’s anxious heartbeat, laughing on the vision that put him to experience the unfelt. Closing track ‘Rusty Doorknob‘ comes as a sedative after that extremely intense journey with her music, a non-beat track in a sense of dark ambient electronica that rests there hopefully for the next…release.

LADY POISON‘ is an excellent record for the trained and dedicated auditors in the genre with a lot of exciting moments, and plenty of surprises. The fact that tracks are actually paired/matched, makes the procedure clearer and more precise in its navigation.

Mike Dimitriou