photo by Jason Quigley

Baby FuzZ aka Sterling Fox has released ‘Shadowland‘, a two and a half minute track on loneliness. “In 2017 I moved to Canada for a year. Eventually, my passport ran out and I came back to the US. ‘Shadowland‘ is a protest song about myself. I’m protesting my hypocrisy, my lack of empathy, my greed, my loneliness, and my complicitness to everything my taxes go toward,” For explains. “It’s easy to protest other people or institutions. Look in the mirror and protest yourself. That’s ‘Shadowland.’”

The indie singer’s move to Montreal from New York was partly inspired by the 2016 election and the current political climate in the U.S., upon which he created his Baby FuzZ alter ego and started writing a full-length LP. Recorded in pieces in Montreal, New Jersey, Oregon, and Norway, the album is guaranteed to feature more genre melding gloss. The music video for ‘Shadowland‘ meanwhile, was released at the end of August, focusing on a Grim Reaper’s day and upside down flags. Check out ‘Shadowland‘ on SoundCloud down below, along with 2017’s ‘Cig‘ (a critic’s darling).

Photo credits: Jason Quigley

Sarah Medeiros