3D rendering of female robot head that shatters.

8 current tunes to sharpen your Aural Intelligence.

Smooth electronica with a divine climax by Mazoulew, and his latest oeuvre (3rd official release) ‘Shogun‘. The ideal introduction for the 2nd Aural Intelligence!


Northampton’s -next big thing- 4-piece alt-pop Sarpa Salpa get emotional with their ‘Before It Goes Dark‘ and a must-watch video shot by legendary NME photographer Andy Willsher.


A warm welcome to the Weirdo-ville by REAL DOGS  and their experimental art rock, indie electronic gem ‘Eyes‘ that will reveal a unique sonic universe for the brave sonic travellers.


Now what’s this? Trippy psychedelic rock with addictive riffs and tempted to do the unavoidable: ‘Kiss The Pharaoh ….. This is The Jacques.

Undeground artists, they dont do it because they wanna be famous; They make music because they love it“. This sums up almost everything in New Stereo‘s straight to the point tech house banger ‘Underground Anthem‘. Vital!


Chasing Whatever‘ is not for everybody…  Trouble in The Streets manage to break the genre barrier and create a sound of their own: Hip-hop, punk, indie, electronic, dream pop, avant soul, and I’ll stop here for now. Taken from their new EP ‘Rule Breaker‘, this one is a mind-blowing experience destined to be instant classic.


What I adore most of The Good Graces‘ ‘Snow Angels‘ is that effortless tranquility their indie folk unleashes. Like angels brushing us with little snow flakes. Beauty…


Summer may be ending, but the latest remix on KYTES‘ ‘Alright‘ by Grammy Award winning artist RAC will refresh and fill you with tons of positivity for Autumn’s bittersweet melancholy. Indie disco at its very best!


“The brain” : Christos Doukakis