Formed in Athens, in 2016, Angel Lo Verde Band mixes tunes of soul, funk, blues and groovy beats. On February, the 22nd, we will enjoy them performing live at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts, setting the mood for a funky and groovy night!

Angel Lo Verde Band welcome to Last Day Deaf! Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers?

The “Angel Lo Verde Band” apart from being multi-ethnic are also a versatile ensemble.
The diverse influences and backgrounds of each one of the members form an innovative soul/funk/blues/rock sound mosaic which through effective contrasts results to our very own artistic stamp.

Last year the band released its debut album ‘Angel Lo Verde‘. Which were the main influences and inspirations for this album?

I listen to a lot of music so i have many influences. I’m inspired by everything around me.
The ‘Angel Lo Verde‘ album is a cross genre thing of soul/funk/blues and even a little jazzy sometimes, “Old School”.

Even though, Angel Lo Verde Band is relatively newly formed, you have already performed numerous times in Greek stages. How would you describe these experiences so far and what is your feedback from the audience?

People even though it’s new music, seem to enjoy what we do so far.
Audience ask for more, but there are no music stages in Greece that can support and host a band of 7 musicians.

Which bands would you consider as most influential and would you like to mention any bands/ artists you believe we should pay attention to?

Luckily we have many bands and musicians in general.
You should check for sure three amazing female singers here in Greece that I love to listen, Jenny Kapadai, Louiza Sofianopoulou (Lou Is) and Vicky Bee.
Listening to them it’s pure pleasure!

Would you like to share some details about your funky official video clip for ‘Good Lovin”?

Of course the video clip is a playback since the instruments were all recorded by me in the studio (except saxes) and that triggered a lot of jokes while shooting the video.
We did an “old school” video clip, just the band performing and we sure had a lot of fun doing it. We kept it simple, after all, it’s all about music.
There’s a teaser on YouTube, the “making of ‘Good Lovin’ “, you can have a taste of what happened that day.

This one is for Angel Lo Verde, the band’s frontwoman… Having done some research about the band, we read that you are a self taught multi-instrumentalist musician. You have played as a bassist, guitarist, percussionist, drummer… How difficult/easy was it for you to learn playing these instruments all by yourself? How did this story begin?

It’s not hard when you love something very much and for me it was also a way to express myself.
When you love something that much, you put aside everything and you make sacrifices if you want to achieve your goal.
Even though it was very hard for me at the beginning and still is, I’m devoted to what I do and I don’t give up.
It’s important to have discipline and not give up. Music is a never ending journey, everyday you learn something new.


On the 22nd of February we will be more than delighted to see you performing live at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts. What are you going to present and how do you feel about this upcoming night?

At our live shows we present a full set of original songs and some selected soul/funk covers.
We are really excited, as always, for the upcoming show.

What are A.L.V Band’s plans for the near future?

I’m already in the studio recording for my second album and along with that we plan more shows so that more people get to know us.

Last question belongs to the band. You may close this interview as you like.

I will not make a question but an invite for you all to come join us and listen to our music.
Support live music!

Vasiliki Nousa