amplitude: The amount of a signal. Amplitude is measured by determining the amount of fluctuation in air pressure (of a sound), voltage (of an electrical signal), or numerical data (in a digital application). When the signal is in the audio range, amplitude is perceived as loudness.

–A playlist featuring 10 recent electronica gems you should definitely dig!–

Axmos – ‘Another Day’ (Original Mix)

[future bass]

Astrolemo – ‘Time Travel’


Otha – ‘I’m on Top’

[indie electronic]

Francisco Samuel – ‘Rock It Up’ (Original Mix)

 [tech house]

Isophene – ‘Colours Explode’

[downtempo/minimal electronic]

Stratus9 – ‘West’


TELIIS – ‘1000 Piece Puzzle’

[trip-hop/indie electronic]

KLANGPLANET – ‘Tropical’


Edictum – ‘Numb’


Petticoat – ‘Whip’


WarningSounds that are 85 dBA or above can permanently damage your ears. The more sound pressure a sound has, the less time it takes to cause damage. For example, a sound at 85 dBA may take as long at 8 hours to cause permanent damage, while a sound at 100 dBA can start damaging hair cells after only 30 minutes of listening.

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