Just before hitting the Eightball Live Stage (Thessaloniki, May 10th), and the Crow Club (May 11th, Athens), 4LT. were kind enough to answer to Last Day Deaf. If you are curious what’s gonna happen on May 10th & 11th, and some info about their 2016’s debut album ‘Puppet Syndrome Society’, here is your chance! Grab it…

Hey 4LT. welcome on board! Tell us your story then, and why not 5LT., or 3LT.? Is it alcohol, or gasoline?

Thank you! We’re five  guys trying to get the best out of music. We started long ago, like your casual youth band, experimenting with whatever sound was catchy to our ears.  In time, we managed to tame our influences and focused on introducing our own music to packs of 4lt cans. It was a standard commercial capacity. No one really asks why, maybe a market thing. Maybe 5lt is too much, while 3lt is just not enough. Is it alcohol? Gasoline? You fill it up with whatever you feel like!

Although you formed back in 2006, you released your debut album ‘Puppet Syndrome Society‘ in late 2016, after 2 EP’s. I would like to ask you, why did it take so long, and if you are satisfied with its reception?

We never felt obliged to a schedule, like “having” to create a full album within a certain deadline or anything. We just did what we felt we needed to do as a band. ‘Puppet Syndrome Society‘ did put a stress to the band for the first time and we feel right about the outcome. We found the reception running in the positive range.

Listening to your music, (specifically ‘Deathclock‘) it’s like going back to the early 90’s, and the golden era of grunge music, but also brit pop. It’s like a Brit band in Seattle! Would you like to discuss about your influences?

We are heavily influenced by the 90’s grunge music. We also love bands like Therapy?, Placebo, Arctic Monkeys or Muse, so yes, we do like to mix these sounds.

How did the connection between you and Los Almiros Records emerge?

We met the Los Almiros team in a winter warehouse party held in their city where we performed live. They are great guys and hard not to become friends with.  In 2013 they invited us to play on their 2nd festival. When we stated that we’d enter studio for the recordings of ‘Puppet Syndrome Society‘ they offered to support us.

Which were the 3 best albums of 2017, and the best one of 2018 so far?

We enjoyed Pain of Salvation‘s ‘In the Passing Light‘, Queen Of The Stone Age‘s ‘Villains‘ and Royal Blood‘s ‘How Did We Get So Far‘. As for a 2018 album, we’d suggest ‘Eat The Elephant‘, the newest album by A Perfect Circle.

Do you prefer live shows or studio? Before a live show, how do you feel? Any anxiety?

Live shows. That’s where we feel the power of our songs and we become one with the audience. We might get a bit anxious, but then we just get on stage and fly.


A tricky one: Do you believe that we all are puppets then? Or some of us? Or, maybe most of us? In what way does a ‘puppet’ differ from a thinker? Can a thinker alter things?

Being a puppet doesn’t mean you are not a thinker. Being a thinker doesn’t make you the person to alter  things. And in the end you don’t really know what makes people happy in a society of puppets. But most people smile even when they’re just sad. That makes them the “puppets”, not really ever expressing the truth.

What’s gonna happen on the 2-day live event in Thessaloniki (Eightball Live Stage) & in Athens (Crow Club) on May 10th & 11th respectively?

All bands on this 2-day live are infamous for their explosive live performances. It sounds dangerous and fun!

What are the plans for 4LT. for the near future?

We do have some more songs to record. We also try  to get a neat gig schedule for the rest of the year.

Photo credits: Anastacia Papadaki

Christos Doukakis