Beyond Boundaries is a 10-track playlist aiming to feature 10 “out-of-the-box”, outstanding gems!  Not exactly unclassified, but certainly unique and uncommon.

“Sound Explorer”: Christos Doukakis


(experimental, hip-hop)

Quick pitch: bland trapped in quarantine tried to capture the manic state of restlessness which rises, oscillates, and inevitably disperses during isolation in a 9-minute experimental hip-hop odyssey….

Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel

(experimental, drone, ambient, improvisation)

Quick pitch: The debut single from Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel’s new album Halocline that features Dane Waters as guest vocalist. An impovisation-drone opera…. Milestone!

Gingham Jones

(noise, experimental, “drama baroque”)

Quick pitch: A magical song about falling in love. An experimental, noise “baroque drama” by  solitary musician currently operating out of Eugene, OR.


(experimental, drum n’ bass)

Quick pitch: Dark, progressive and experimental d’n’b for “quarantine mutants”….

Noooodle King

(idm, glitch)

Quick pitch: This is what may happen when trying to reharmonize Clair de Lune by Debussy…


(nu-jazz, instrumental hip-hop)

Quick pitch: A unique sound trip in a nu-jazz/instrumental hip-hop jungle…


(jazz, psych, spoken word, ethnic)

Quick pitch: Avant-garde jazz rock music, concentrating on themes of spirituality, analogy, humour and the interconnection of all these things through surrealistic, alchemical lyricism and cathartic improvisation.

Stijn Kuppens

(featuring Hugh Desmond)

(neoclassical, experimental)

Quick pitch: ‘The Angel of 1985 (Dialogue with violin)’ is a tribute to a 13-year-old child, that didn’t survive a natural disaster, but managed to send a very important message to the world: you can still mean something to others, even in the worst circumstances. Stunning experience…

Unwed Sailor

(instrumental rock, post rock)

Quick pitch: Instrumental rock warriors’ latest offering comes from a place of strength and inspiration. Emerging from hardship with newfound conviction.

Philipp Rumsch Ensemble

(neoclassical, post rock)

Quick pitch: An intense composition… An ideal blend of neoclassical with post rock!


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