Beyond Boundaries is a 10-track playlist aiming to feature 10 “out-of-the-box”, outstanding gems!  Not exactly unclassified, but certainly unique and uncommon.

“Sound Explorer”: Christos Doukakis


(experimental, synthwave, electronic)

Quick pitch: No Place is a Science Fiction Soundtrack for the Journey to the Wolf Planet.

Vanessa Carrión Upson de Harper

(neoclassical, indie pop)

Quick pitch: Traditional dances from her ancestral Perú, transporting the listener to a reality where heritage opens a door to a parallel dimension where death feels luminous and bittersweet…


(post classical, electronica)

Quick pitch: ★STAR GUiTAR song featuring the pianist Hidetake Takayama who lives in New York. beautiful atmosphere that makes you feel Post classical and electronica.


(electronica, neoclassical, cello)

Quick pitch: Electronic, highly cinmatic music with cello.

Ed Carlsen

(neoclassical, minimal electronic, downtempo)

Quick pitch: Guitar-focused, more upbeat, more textured with electronics yet sprinkled with complimentary organic elements than Ed Carlsen’s previous material.


(medieval music, ballroom, gothic)

Quick pitch: Gothic-Alternative for the Darkened Heart…

Drama Bahama

(experimental, lo-fi, trash jazz)

Quick pitch: Heavy parasitic dark trash jazz pop love tune Heart Shaped Chocolate. It was recorded in a haunted church outside Seattle.

Orions Belte

(experimental, world music, blues, outer pop)

Quick pitch: World music? Underground pop? Blues? Norwegian 70s rock? With influences this disparate, you be the judge with their take on Ghostface Killah’s “Cherchez La Ghost”.

Rob Simonsen

(neoclassical, contemporaary music)

Quick pitch: “Coeur” an elegant, affecting piece which puts the piano in the spotlight, furnishing it with blissful embellishments, both electronic and analogue. From ‘Réveries’ out 9/6 on Sony Masterworks.


(experimental, idm)

Quick pitch: This window into my internal struggle serves as a means of catharsis. It came forth from a period of self-awareness when I found the strength to control my emotions and sculpt it into a narrative.

Alexander Benz

Alexander Benz


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