It was 1983 when John Gosling (Mekon), John Balance (Coil) and Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle) initially released ‘Transparent‘. One only album, published by Nekrophile Rekords, on tape format. A controversial and esoteric album heavy on trials and experimentation. A milestone recording that created the essential foundations of Coil music and, for sure, their own unique style.

Almost 34 years later, the Cold Spring label is reissuing this ‘pearl’, in two versions (we can find the version on cd or double LP, limited to 500 copies box set, including t-Shirt), with a 12” booklet of unseen images and two previously unreleased bonus tracks by Ake (pre-ZOS KIA). I don’t think I should continue any further. And a heartily advice to collectors: Reserve your copy as soon as possible!


Antonio Cristofaro