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Mark Lanky

‘Slowly Fading Away’


Press Notes:

Hailing from Glen Arm, Maryland, Mark Lanky makes music for long days, dark nights, and years of tears and heartaches. Influenced by greats who came before him like Ray Price, Jim Reeves, Bing Crosby, and Billy Walker, Lanky creates a modern day twist on 50’s and 60’s music while bringing back a time of American innocence. So sit back, burn a pack, drink a bottle dry, and drown whatever ails you.

Sci-Fi Romance

‘The War in Me’


Press Notes:

Sci-Fi Romance is an alt-folk band from Los Angeles. Described as “steamfolk” for their dark, percussive take on folk music, they have released four studio albums, including their new album Dreamers & Runaways.

Grain Thief



Press Notes:

Grain Thief is a 5-piece americana string band from Boston, MA. The group comprises Patrick Mulroy (guitar, vocals), Zach Meyer (mandolin, vocals), Michael Harmon (bass, vocals), Tom Farrell (lead guitar), and Alex Barstow (fiddle).

Origami Ghosts

‘Lost And Proud’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Austin, TX-based indie/folk rockers Origami Ghosts, led by vocalist/guitarist J.P. Scesniak and keyboardist/vocalist Cassandra Wulff, are preparing to release their new LP Healthy Travel Potions, a fifteen track collection of shimmering, folk-tinged jangle pop, that was recorded by Adam McCollom at Gravelvoice Studios in Ballard, WA (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Mudhoney).

Royal South

‘Cry, Cry’ 


Press Notes:

Individual artists in their own right, SaraBeth, Glen Mitchell, and Vickie Vaughn have come together to form the harmony powerhouse Royal South. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the Texas, London, and Kentucky natives have attracted the attention of renowned producer, Paul Worley, who produced the Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, and Martina McBride to name a few.

Emmett Dreuding

‘Drunk Whiskey Boy’


Press Notes:

Emmett Drueding is a Philadelphia based guitarist, singer, and songwriter. With an admiration for Dave Van Ronk, Chet Atkins, The Beatles, Elliott Smith, amongst others. Drueding has carved out a style from a melting pot of these various influences. At first, in the mid to late 2000s, Drueding performed in a variety of punk bands placing fingers on strings with uncertainty, in search of song and some semblance of reason. As he developed as a musician he became more geared to writing songs that shyed from specific genre or tradition. In 2015 Drueding released his first EP under his own name entitled Strange Bruise. Over the last two and a half years, Executive Producer Ray Bailey and Drueding have been working on their anticipated record Tightrope Walker. Most of the record was recorded in Drueding’s home studio but there were elements that they felt they needed from a higher end facility, that’s when Rittenhouse Soundworks came into the fold.

Champ Major



Press Notes:

Champ Major is not a sports star. Champ Major is the project of soft spoken and eager Madison Major of Brooklyn, New York. Adopting the name her father wanted to give her at birth, to conjure a confident attitude and a sense of camaraderie for the rookie.

She lives in Brooklyn and she goes to music school. But, she is from Savannah, Georgia. Her house there was situated between dozens of open mouth rivers and marshes. She finds her work to have a dampness to it that can only be traced to the air she breathed in Savannah for most of her life. Or, maybe sticking her toes deep down into black marsh mud and sinking down a little further that she should have at times.

Sometimes like a moth burning on a light, and other times just like trash blowing down the street, her music grips and then floats away leaving a sense of empty wonder. In the midst, there is a desire to fill whatever that feeling is that sits in the stomach, watching from a formless tower, focusing directly on the top of your own head.

Modern Crusoe

‘Slow Bloom’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Through the sleepy haze of Santa Barbara’s calm waters emerges one of California’s most exciting talents in today’s independent music scene, known to the world as Modern Crusoe. The budding artist behind the creative moniker, Chris Bindloss, is actually a relative newcomer to the professional music world as he only began to write and play music seriously a few years ago. Despite his career being so new, he’s been recently gaining traction for his latest project, Foreign Language, and finding himself landing in some of Spotify’s most coveted playlists, including Fresh Finds and Acoustic Spring, as well as receiving coverage from some major music blogs like Indie Folx and Open Ears Music.
The previous year was a big one for the artist, and both the emotional highs and lows were captured eloquently while recording in Portland with veteran producer Raymond Richards, known for his work with major indie bands like LCD Soundsystem and Local Natives. Throughout the record, Bindloss vividly recalls his personal experiences and varying existential thoughts on life at 25 through his carefully crafted lyrics that simultaneously challenge the listener while still soothing the soul. His ability to craft this intricate balance is what seems to have caught the attention of both critics and fans alike.
Santa Barbara’s independent music scene is relatively small, especially in comparison to its much bigger neighbor slightly south, but Bindloss finds the close knit nature of the scene to be particularly helpful for his personal approach to creating music and his laid back, yet emotional, musical style runs parallel to the mythical reputation of Santa Barbara’s beachside culture. While Foreign Language proves that his fanbase has already shifted beyond Santa Barbara’s intimate indie community, it’s the personal style honed by his music scene that’s proving to strike a chord with the rest of the world.

Diane Patterson

‘Turn Toward The Sun’


Press Notes:

For the past three decades, Diane Patterson has been singing the world awake with her powerful voice, rocking guitar, sweet ukulele, and revolutionary lyrics. Her sincere spirit and wild heart joyfully plants seeds of love and revolution in every listener. Based in Southern Oregon, Patterson’s musical background spans folk-rock, blues, and worldbeat, all which she lovingly weaves together in an earthy folk, rhythmic funk infused sound all her own. Her passionate guitar and ukulele drive the songs and lyrics, with unifying stories that praise the beauty in life, grieve the losses, and reflect and inspire on how we can rise up and heal amid life’s many challenges.




Press Notes:

Born out of the downtime in between auditions and filming, Prairies is the brainchild of actor and musician, Jordan Iacovella. With influences ranging from Bon Iver, alt-J, and Passenger, to Johnny Cash, Neil Young and Nick Drake, Prairies crafts guitar-driven music with lyrics drawn from and inspired by fact and fiction. Hop in the car, put some Prairies on, and drive through your city at night.


Compiled by: Christos Doukakis