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Melanie MacLaren


[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Melanie MacLaren’s natural aptitude for nuanced delivery, wistful guitar playing, and her ability to write about life as if life were simply writing itself is everything you could want from a folk singer. Growing up in New York and moving to Nashville in 2020 MacLaren’s music is not so much rooted in a place and time as it is suspended, caught between worlds— dreamlike and hyper-realistic, timeless and contemporary.

Her imagistic lyrics, evocative melodies and intricate fingerstyle guitar weave together with ethereal, modern production and distorted trad instruments, joining the threads of past and present folk music in a haunting experience.

Her debut EP “Kill My Time” was released February 11th 2022. She is in the process of releasing another solo project and a project of folk duets for 2022.

Gillian Stone


[dream folk/post rock]

Press Notes:

Gillian Stone is a multi-instrumentalist, ethnomusicologist, and interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto (Tkaronto). Her vocally-driven work, which draws from post-rock, folk, ambience, and minimalism, has been described as “breaking new aural ground” (!earshot Digital Distribution System). Born and raised on the traditional territory of the Quw’utsun on Vancouver Island, with a profound connection to her Icelandic heritage, Stone channels the influence of outer landscapes in her inner lyrical worlds and soundscapes. Her music processes riding the waves of mental health, particularly as it relates to dysregulation, addiction, shame, relational trauma, and dissociation. Because of this, she speaks candidly about her lived experience through her music and expressions of artistic identity as an act of destigmatization.


‘The Pond’

[acoustic/indie folk]

Press Notes:

Indie. Folk. Pop. Jetlagged sounds like a journey abroad, awakens memories of your roadtrip in a campervan and inspires your mind to wander.

Inspired by lonely walks in lost and mystic woods, their new single “The Pond” epitomizes the deep desire for transcendence, to escape our world without a trace and to ultimately be reborn into a peaceful and soothing place that wraps us up in harmony with nature and ourselves.

The German acoustic band has been performing and recording together for over fifteen years now, reaching listeners of all ages and nationalities. Acoustic guitars alter between gentle fingerpicking and driving rhythm, percussion & bass enhance the rhythmic patterns and the violin adds melodies and depth.

The Birthday Letters


[indie folk/folktronica]

Press Notes:

The Birthday Letters is the music of Joseph Hughes, a singer and songwriter originally from Shropshire based in London. Once described by Stereogum as having a ‘soft spoken theatricality to his delivery’, he has never lived it down since.


‘old painting’

[folk/lo-fi rock/experimental]

Press Notes:

JJonas is the solo project of the Danish songwriter/composer Jonas Viby Sommer. As we move away from everything we know and head towards something unknown the songs of Coorections picture the shilly shally shell of mind.

Mike Rufo

‘A Key, a Rock, a Cloud’


Press Notes:

I am a singer songwriter based in the bay area of California. I am releasing my upcoming album entitled Helsinki which will draw on the acoustic, Americana side of my musical journey. Helsinki tries to capture the feelings you get when look inside and outside yourself. It’s looking out from the vantage points of liffe’s journeys, whether from the lofty heights of unshakeable self-assuredness, or from the depths of irrevocable loss. Please stay in touch with my channels to know when, how and where to find all my upcoming releases, and thank you for being interested.

Cynthia Hamar



Press Notes:

Cynthia Hamar writes Haunting, commanding, and introspective folk music. She is an Alberta-born Métis singer-songwriter with four studio albums that prove dedication to her craft. Hamar can execute timeless songs that will stand up with the sounds of Buffy St. Marie, Tom Waits, and Feist. Hamar is currently completing a Bachelor of Music at MacEwan University majoring in Recording and Production. She was the recipient of the Victor-Osten Performing Arts Award (2022) as well as the winner of the 2021 Bent River Records Songwriting Competition, and was recently invited to represent MacEwan as a performer at their 50 year celebration. Cynthia has performed her music across Canada, including Pembina River Nights Festival (2018), Jasper Folk Festival (2016) and a live performance on City TV Edmonton. She was the Artist in Residence at Keno City (2019) and SOCAN Song House (2017) and has participated in art showcases in Vancouver and Toronto while utilizing the Via Rail Artists on Board performance opportunity (2018).

Hamar has received radio attention for her past releases (#9 on CFBX Kamloops, #18 KSYM, San Antonio, #5 to #3 on Radio Phoenix, #1 on Indigenous Music Countdown) and has been nominated for a Toronto Music Award (Best out of town artist 2017), Indigenous Music Awards (2017) and two GMAs for her 2010 release, Fairytale.

Cynthia Hamar’s upcoming album “Joint & Marrow” was produced by Paul Johnston and features acclaimed studio musicians Chris Andrews, Jamie Cooper and Paul Johnston, as well as Toronto producer and guitarist Joel Schwartz. Joint & Marrow is set to be released on Neon Moon Records this summer 2022.

Colyn Cameron


[indie folk]

Press Notes:

After almost four years since debuting with Sad & Easy, songmaker Colyn Cameron is readying his new album Freehand for release this August 5th. While living in Vancouver, British Columbia, the new material emerged within the paradoxical spaces of experimenting with dispersed and concentrated rhythms. Colyn used the material to explore themes of technology, adventure, self-worth & love with mild nods to worldly trepidation.

Davis John Patton

‘Vacant Airport’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

The music of Davis John Patton often resembles the feeling of discovering, dusting off, and opening up an old photo album. You’ll invariably experience a rush of memories only to be inspired to keep living and making more. He takes all of those emotions and commutes them into handcrafted, yet layered and textured folk. As much as you’ll watch his story unfold, Davis is really here to help you tell your story. After amassing millions of streams and media praise, the Iowa-born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer encourages you to not just think, but to also feel out loud on his 2021 EP, Songs From Davis.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Davis found himself drawn to music at a young age. Mom enrolled him in piano lessons during first grade. Three years later, he picked up guitar. In between choir at church and school, he discovered Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago and embraced acoustic folk. As a college student, Davis introduced himself on the 2018 independent EP, Forest Park, followed by his 2019 Nettwerk debut EP From The Garden and 2020’s Poetry EP.

Kimberly Morgan York

‘Keep On Goin”


Press Notes:

Born in Southern Kentucky, Kimberly Morgan York brings her Appalachian roots to her country, soul felt and honest songs. Now hailing from Athens, GA, Kimberly brings along with her a bevy of seasoned musicians and a collection of songs that will have you dancin, laughin, cryin and shoutin!

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Compiled by: Christos Doukakis