Ten tracks. “To forget uncontrollably embraces the duality of human frailty“. “It is a rebirth in blanked out renewal but it also drowns and mutilates our at tempt to hold on to what is dear.” By these few words, Jamie Stewart describes the new Xiu Xiu album ‘FORGET‘. A new experience, after the wonderful paid homage to “Twin Peaks” with ‘Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks‘, in which Xiu Xiu collaborated with members of Swans and Deerhoof.  The upcoming album will come end of February 2017, while a track of this release is available for streaming, called ‘Wondering‘.

And listening to this one, you simply cannot miss the typical Xiu Xiu style and may also indicate that the aforementioned collaborations (Swans and Deerhoof) will bring pleasant surprises for the new year.

Antonio Cristofaro