World Tension from Las Vegas, Nevada is a “desert-baked crossover thrash” band, which released its first promo ‘No More Fear‘ on May 15th this year, and also the first album, on tape, on September 27th.

This first work by World Tension includes five tracks. The band stated that they had more songs to promote but never managed to release all of them due to circumstances beyond their control. Taking things into their own hands the band released these five tracks successfully, as the production was very good quality. World Tension follows the legacy of the early American crossover thrash metal both musically and lyrically, of bands like D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, S.O.D. among others.

The band’s goal is to address social issues and the “political strife” through the lyrics and express the frustration through music. I believe they succeeded doing so with their first work. The songs distribute a clear message and the music has the quality of the early crossover thrash.

World Tension are: Fidel Romero (vocals), Jett Stotts (guitar), John Vanacore (guitar), Ian Caramanzana (bass) and Jack Phelan (drums).

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Mary Kalaitzidou