British indie rock band Wild Beasts announced last Monday their disbandment after five full length albums and one Mercury Prize nominee. The band formed in 2002 in Kendal by Hayden Thorpe and Ben Little, at first as a duo under the name “Fauve” which in French means Wild Beasts.  In early 2004 drummer Chris “Bert” Talbot and bassist Gareth “Gaz” Bullock joined in and the band took its first form as a quartet. Also at the same time the primal name was changed to the English version and thus Wild Beasts were “born”.  In 2005 they moved to Leeds and the bassist was replaced by Tom Fleming.

In 2006 Wild Beasts released their first single ‘Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants’ via Bad Sneakers Records. In early 2007 got signed to Domino and in 2008 their debut album ‘Limbo, Panto‘ was at last officially released. The second full length album came to life in 2009 (‘Two Dancers‘) which was nominated for the Mercury Prize award. Later in 2011 Wild Beasts released ‘Smother‘; Within the same year they won London Awards for Art & Performance. In 2014 released their fourth album ‘Present Tense‘ and in last year released their last album ‘Boy King‘.

Eleftheria Gesou