It has been only a few days since we discovered Vore Aurora. Based in Alameda, California, that electro duo is evolving cold wave to lava wave. Jonah Phillips on synths and drums, and A’llisabeth Barrett on vocals, form a group of musicians that turn cold wave music into burning lava. Vore Aurora have been releasing music since early 2016, having published 3 singles so far. It seems that they are going to produce an LP, perform live and try to spread their art on the web.

It all started on February 14th with ‘Carmine‘, then came ‘Null Plus Void‘ on March 1st, and more recently ‘Envenom‘ on April 18th. This is all about typical American electro sound that may reach your ears warm and A-class on the hardware, along with their ace on the table: A’Lizzabeth Barret’s vocals, so warm and passionate, whilst performing a character and letting the Californian whining on the guitar to embrace her vocals in ‘Carmine‘. ‘Null Plus Void‘ lets the cold wave vein guide us with determination through their trip, and finally we end the journey in ‘Envenom‘ terminal. ‘Envenom‘ is a masterpiece, a song for the masses to dance to or an anthem to touch them. Listen to their musings and the arrangements they make or how that cold wave has the structure to cause the listener to take off. I shouldn’t forget to mention the lyrics: they judge and grieve, and they command.

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Mike Dimitriou