VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

H2SO4 – White Light – BassBears Remix Extended Mix

BassBears’ rexmi on H2SO4’s ‘White Light’ is a stunning tchh house groover with chunky beats and fat basslines that will blow your head!

Creature Canyon – Sleepwalking

‘Sleepwalking’ finds Creature Canyon at top form, with uplifting melodies, expansive vocals and anthemic value. Indie pop at its finest!

Love Ghost – Pulp

Love Ghost’s ‘Pulp’ is a compelling emo/alternative rock track, “about an addict’s relationship to God. Inspired by Charles Bukowski and his novel “Pulp””.

Lõwli – Otherworld

Irish artist Roisin Lowry recently released her mesmerising ‘Otherworld’, under her creative moniker Lõwli. Neoclassical ideally mixed with chmaber pop and expressive vocals with tons of lyricism. A pure dark beauty out on Veta Records…

Youth Valley – I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica (feat Serafim Tsotsonis)

Youth Valley’s  ‘I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica’ is a stunning sample of flawless indie rock with shoegaze elements, filled with 90s nostalgia and catchy as hell melodies. ‘Cause, Greeks do it better! Stay tuned for the band’s 9+1 Q&A within the next weeks!

Melanie MacLaren – Summer in Sweden

A delicate indie folk treasure, with heartfelt vocals and poetic lyricism by the American singer-songwriter Melanie MacLaren will help you dream….with eyes open…

Mother Sun – Webbed Feet

Mother Sun’s ‘Webbed Feet’ is an intergalactic, psych pop, garage, jazz fusion that will lead you out of orbit!

Matthew Liam Nicholson – Red Hook

The now California-based composer Matthew Liam Nicholson is a mong the best, upcoming artists for 2022. ‘Red Hook’ is a 390 second, pure ear-gasm, mixing modern folk rock, atmospheric slowcore and one of a kind cinematic pop. 

Broughton – Hell’s Kitchen

The ‘Idle Place’ opener is a compelling emo rap treat with bitter lyrics, immense melodic soundscapes, and skilled, clean rapping by Broughton. Dude did it again!

Elaine Kristal – I Am

A luscious contemporary r&b ear-candy with empowering lyrics by the singer and songwriter from Staten Island, NY., Elaine Kristal is on endless repeat…

Christos Doukakis