VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Kodomo – Spinfoam

A superlative idm track, that takes its inspiration from the theory of quantum loop gravity in which spin foam is used to describe spacetime at the quantum level. 

Jerm – Brain Candy

Drawing inspiration from industrial, gothic, and electronic music to create a sound that is captivating and dark, yet elevatingly beautiful… Imagine ‘The Downward Spiral’-era NIN jamming with Cocteau Twins

TSÄGÄ – Time Changes Shape

Atmospheric chill space music with heavy bass and stellar synth by Finnish quartet TSÄGÄ

Perlin Noise – Rise

A song about coming to terms with reality and pledging to yourself you can get better. Ambient folk at its best by Perlin Noise… Rise & shine


The sound of utter despair for 2021, belongs to experimental rap outfit GOOD FOR NOTHING.’s ‘CORPORATE CUT THROUGH ME.’ Lyrics that cut like razor:

Yeah I got seven holes in me.
Working seven days a week.
Yeah this nig about to eat.
Got this sleep to feel real free.
Got this foot up on the gas.
Bitch these laws ain’t made for me.
Invisible to streets.
Try to keep this shit discreet.
They want to take a hole from me.
So Ima speak.
Now Ima freak
Selling cheap shit.
And I can’t see shit.
Past these screens.
Like this dream.
Was built for me.
They tryna dig a hole for me.
Then say peace.
Who is this them?
Nothing to see.
Looking through me.
Like I ain’t got no eyes.
Like I ain’t got no ties.
Like I don’t know these guys.
Like I don’t know myself.
Looking for these lines.
Looking for these words.
To think about my mind.
Like I don’t know the time.
Losing grip of here.
Losing sight of why. Losing sight of why.’

Unmissable for Death Grips’ fans

Pink Milk – Everything Must Die

The Pink Milk duo sings their last single of the year in unison, as if they were a church choir performing a funeral hymn at the end of a Sofia Coppola movie. A song about lovers reaching the point of no return.

Work Party – Real Charmer

Τhe final single coming of ΅Work Party’ debut album, ‘My Best Days Are Behind Me’ (just out via the Midwest noise label, Triple Eye Industries)… Ladies & Gents, please welcome 2021’s IDLES


‘Dust’ explores themes of starting over while being reminded of the past that’s constantly following behind & never seems to leave. The song highlights LUNACY’s genre bending, holding a reminiscent character to what’s familiar while harnessing something completely unique. Dystopian noise rock terrorists strike back!

Rikard Mathisson – What Could Have Been

 Swedish composer  Rikard Mathisson delivers a beautiful, sorrowful sonata inspired by his brother’s sudden loss…. Eternal sedative

Chiel Nugter – Getijde

A neoclassical composition about the tides by Dutch composer Chiel Nugter. Seems like life has the same ups and downs as the tides of the sea. Beauty!

Christos Doukakis