VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Neon BLK – Drown

A highly atmospheric blend of trip-hop, indie r&b and experimental electronic with beautiful vocals by unpredictable Neon BLK! Ear-melting stuff…

Magon – Forever

An excellent and ultra trippy, psych pop treat by French-Israeli songwriter Magon’s recently released full-length ‘In the Blue’; Just cannot get enough from this “weeping” guitar!

Awqa – Boiling Cuts (Ft. Sir Boyfriend)

Having recently featured Swedish artist, we just couldn’t resist in doing the same with his shameless collaboration with Awqa, for the luscious, indietronica treasure ‘Boling Cuts’! 

Panaviscope – Under your grace

Another spotless electro pop number by our Swiss darling Panaviscope! Beautiful, chorus vocals!

Kalamitys Reign – White Tiger

An authoritative, guitar-driven, instrumental opus by one-man project Kalamitys Reign, utterly unmissable for guitar solos’ addicts! 

Uncle Doug – Subject III

A highly nostalgic art rock banger ideally mixing spoken word and poetic vocals… Just hang on for the anthemic climax at around 4th minute mark… Powerful, and utterly unique stuff from another space & time!


Supergroup comprised of over 30 musicians across all 7 continents, INTERCONTINEN7AL, recently released their 2nd album, and the opening track is a great amalgam of ethnic, funk, indie pop, avant jazz! A genre-bending experience for demanding listeners…

Neon Jesus – Red Lips

Canadian recording artist Neon Jesus’ ‘Red Lips’ is a sensuous electro-“mutant blues” experience like Primus jammed in the same studio with 90s electro-industrial, underdogs Dink!

Danny Starr – Losing Sight

 An emotive folk pop song, glowing quality & passion, British songwriter-crooner Danny Starr!

Belling The Tiger – Lost p.5

Just imagine ‘Brave’-era Marillion in the same recording space with ‘Promised Land’-era Queensrÿche & Eloy waiting for them to end! But wait, this is Belling The Tiger from their recently released concept album ‘LOST’!

Christos Doukakis