VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Maestracci – Heart

The first release of Maestracci’s new EP with High Vibe Records, is a stunning downtempo treat with UK garage finishing touches… Summer vibes!

Flowery Beard – Mawon

An intimate experience of a universe, in which jazz, hip-hop and afrobeat intertwine with each other, by Flowery Beard

COVVES – Paralysed

A well balanced blend of indietronica, new wave, and shoegaze with references to TV shows like “Dark” and “Black Mirror” by German outfit COVVES

AlyxMusic – 911 (ft. Bryce V.I.$.)

An inspiring track and video by AlyxMusic, who ideally mixed hip-hop with reggae in this 2021’s definitive gem….Just cannot get enough!

The following music video is a fundraiser for Black Lives Matter. ONE VIEW = ONE DONATION

Athénaïs – Terrestre-extra

An ethereal, electro-pop track accompanied by a video highlighting female empowerment and ecology of the French independent artist Athenaïs

Marcelo De La Vega – Conversation ‘Unplugged’

An intimate, unplugged version of Marcelo De La Vega’s latest song ‘Conversation’. The accompanying video, filmed a suitably nostalgic 90s MTV Unplugged style, sees the artist return to his role of Vinnie Vegas the clown

The Naysayers – Yesterday

Sub-arctic indie rock four piece from Whitehorse The Naysayers (led by veteran singer-songwriter Drea Nasager), share their vulnerable, indie rock anthem ‘Yesterday’, ahead of their upcoming full-length album due for release on June 25 via Coax Records

Luke Ellingson – Keep a Light

The lead single off Luke Ellingson’s sophomore LP ‘Clementine’ is a rare indie folk/slowcore treasure with a stunning crescendo after the 4th minute mark, when the spine-chilling guitars take over….Our souls!

Acid House Kings – A Little Dancing

 Among the greatest comebacks of  2021 is this of Sweden’s indie pop perfectionists, Acid House Kings, with their first track in 10 years… And, it’s catchy as hell! 

The Fleurs – Sky Over Astraia

With a sound in between Zola Jesus & Chelsea Wolfe, ‘Sky Over Astraia’ is set into a apocalyptic world that finds itself in total downfall while the protagonist is in a process of metamorphosis…. Swedish Swiss-born singer and composer, Emely Majrell is our new, dark, fairy!

Christos Doukakis