VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

The Dolls Are Good – Incoming Transmission

Film-maker/producer Nadeem Akhtar’s latest project The Dolls Are Good, just released a progressive blend of liquid drum and bass with serious IDM and nostalgic overtones. Pure dope!

1.0.8. – Life Express

Those who love Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator, should definitely check the latest progressive pop diamond from 1.0.8.

Tyda Drömmar – I rörelse

Swedish trip-hop perfection with lyrics from a famous Swedish poem by Karin Boye, called ‘I rörelse’… Stunning!

Polite Control – Radioisotope

Polite Control’s debut single -mixed and mastered by Jim Spencer-lies somewhere in between Kraftwerk’s ‘Radio Activity’ connecting & OMD’s ‘Electricity’, with “running in their veins” Joy Division-era Peter Hook’s basslines. 

icoro – Equality

An experimental electronic/art rock masterpiece about equality by Swedish act icoro using some ace ‘weaponry’  Djembe, Egyptian tabla & Doepfer A100 modular syntheziser…

Charlotte Jacobs – Other Half

Brooklyn-by-Belgium vocalist Charlotte Jacobs gifts us with the transcendent, experimental, indie electronic treat accompanied by a stunning video

Jonathan Davenport – Hey You, Jaybird

A powerful rock track with an anthemic peak, bringing in mind late Jeff Buckley… 

Coolio – Out Fa the Bag (feat. AI & C.L.A.Y.)

Grammy award winning, multi-platinum artist Coolio needs no introduction…  He teamed back up with Tommy Boy to release his latest single, ‘Out Fa The Bag’, featuring AI and C.L.A.Y. And it’s a banger!

Nightbird Casino – Catharsis Train

Self-described as “experimental noir-rock for the birds”, Nightbird Casino’s  ‘Catharsis Train’  is a “should-be-played-at-maximum-volume” psych/dream rock opus

Killer Bee – Bluebird

Sad music from the heart and severe life experiences. A raw, acoustic, folk treat for troubled souls!

Christos Doukakis