VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Kawakawa – So Long Since You

An intimate neoclassical vocal track, with the vocals almost whisepred to the mic… Whispered to our hearts! A track of our ‘lost’, past lives… 

Yarck – Spores

‘Spores’ is about a field of spore-like flora on an extraterrestrial planet. It’s the fourth leading single towards Yarck’s debut album. A stunning, idm gem…

Still Years – CQ (If I Had Met You After You Met Me)

A transcendent post punk/dark wave treat from Albuquerque DIY collective Still Years, unmissable for Joy Division aficionados 

Dead Joyous – Rookie

The debut indie rock/post punk banger by Dead Joyous is the ideal ‘art therapy’ over lockdown… Play this beast loud!

Nikhil Bagga – Gotta Try

12 year old, alternative rock, singer songwriter based in Seattle Nikhil Bagga’s ‘Gotta Try’ is about being bullied and dealing with that struggle growing up. Ace!

St. Yuma – Trinidad – Acoustic

Texas based band St. Yuma’s latest offering is “”Subtle and forward. Romantic and inclusive. Rare and sweet.” Acoustic heaven 

Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends
– The Stalkers (Glorious Influencers)

A quirky art rock gem; An ironic account of a world governed by influencers and spin doctors. An absolute must-listen fro every open-minded music lover

The High 70s – Glitter Box

What do you get when you mix 70s glam, with 80s new wave and 90s indie rock? ‘Glitter Box’ by The High 70s is the right answer

Katr/na – Did You Know

 The first single by Katr/na is a great, sultry bedroom pop gem with an indie r&b heart and lovely vocals

Princess Century – Still The Same

Canadian musical force, DJ and producer Maya Postepski is Princess Century; ‘Still The Same’ is among the best 2021’s singles in the vein of Austra & TR/ST. Indie electro at its best

Christos Doukakis