VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Gold Tokens – Bombe Nights

Led by guitarist/multi instrumentalist Thomas Ravanetti, York, UK-based surf rock outfit, recently gifted us with one of a kind surf rock instrumental treat, which according to its creators “was influenced by a variety of our favourite musical styles such as the joyous guitars of Soukous and Highlife, the carnival rhythms of Junkanoo and good old indie pop”. Lovely stuff!

Hot As Sun – It Was Bananas

New wave, dance punk, kraut and a bit of tropicália, or just imagine Talking Heads jamming in the same studio with ESG and LCD Soundsystem, and there you have Hot As Sun’s superb, summer anthem ‘It Was Bananas’!

Cara Louise – Must Be Nice

A cathartic indie folk/pop-rock mixture with an emotive vocal performance by Cara Louise, and an effortless melody to sing along, is the best taster  ahead of the full LP’s release on September 30th, via Soul Step Records.

Make Believe Love – Reality TV

The brainchild of amateur auteur and bedroom pop hero Lucas Berman, Make Believe Love’s  ‘Reality TV’, is a camp, indie rock banger, heavily influenced by 80s new wave sound and aesthetics; An absolute ear-candy of “bubblegum nostalgia and current pop culture commentary”…

Tarune – This Is Permanent

‘This Is Permanent’ is an 8+ minute experimental techno drift, by London-based artist Tarune… Pushing boundaries through disorientation escapade!

Former Lives – Alderson Loop (Feat. Montclaire)

Portland, Oregon’s Former Lives’ ‘Alderson Loop’ is a stunning, new wave/dream pop gem, from the debut EP ‘Ceremony of Leaving’, which plays around with computing metaphors as a way to describe insecurities about becoming too old and obsolete…

Ghetto Porridge – Faulty

Based out of Oslo, Norway, Ghetto Porridge creates immense, dark trap soundscapes, and ‘Faulty’, the opening track from his 2022’s full-length, is a must to blast in the car or at parties with strong speakers!

Gemma Cullingford – New Day (Rodney Cromwell Daydreamer Remix)

Obsessive, ethereal, new wave-y dream pop, with the angelic vocals of Gemma Cullingford and the the “magic touch” by Rodney Cromwell! Unmissable for fans of early-era New Order and Cocteau Twins!

agadin – bella dama

Australian producer agadin creates enslaving, genre-breaking, music and ‘bella dama’, his most recent single, is an alluring example, self-defined as “future trap”! Try this treasure with headphones on!

Epic Ruffin – Crocodile Seats

Florida atitst Epic Ruffin recently released his ‘EpicMoney’ album, and ‘Crocodile Seats’ is a hard-hitting, trap banger with competent rapping, addictive vibes, solid production and ace flow, destined for eternal vibing!

Christos Doukakis