VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Coffee Nap – Note on the Door

Originally a fictional story about someone leaving their lover with a note on their door, Playful, silly, and a little sad, Coffee Nap celebrates the ugly things with this track. There’s also a killer sax after 2.30 mark!

Wildlife Freeway – Forest

‘Forest’  is a haunting journey of acknowledging grief and allowing ourselves to mourn our lost loves. It is ultimately a voyage to the afterlife to visit a dead friend. Some goodbyes are easy. Other goodbyes become a partial death. A part of you goes too; to never ever be the same as you were before.

Sanctuary – Rifts

A mesmerising, rolling piece of contemplative modern classical, with a late 80s Philip Glass-esque undercurrent in the throbbing build up.

My Right Hand Son – On the Spectrum

A spine-chilling slowcore piece of art with an expressive, out of this world, vocal performance, Barry-esque string and piano and lyrics like the following:

‘…You’re here now and that’s an achievement,

don’t forget.

So what if nothing or everything appear to you as fake?

Just play the game, just play it like you care.

It’s how things worked for generations.

Understand, you’re not alone.

You just suck at this game….’


‘WANDERING THROUGH THE WOODS’ tells a dark story of a hopelessly depressed misanthrope who spends their days sulking in the woods, away from other people. When the character reaches a breaking point, they stumble upon an abandoned altar and proceed to pray to some enigmatic “old gods”.

Palm Ghosts – The Painful Truth

The sound of an 80s prom in a war zone…located in the dead heart of country music, Nashville, TN. Excellent dark wave by Palm Ghosts 

Parker Longbough – Off Front Street

Missed 90s indie rock? Parker Longbough is among those adorable acts that still keep the flame lit in 2021!

Stephen Durkan – I WANT

The debut single & video from Glasgow based songwriter and poet Stephen Durkan, is a dystopic post punk/spoken word blend you should definitely invest some time on!

Teen Daze – Swimming

 ‘Swimming’ highlights Teen Daze’s refined approach and soft-focus rhythms: Filter house and flashing lights; soft acid and vaporous neon; bumping clubs in spiral towers. Among the most memorable, 2021’s chillwave releases

OGMH – Told You

A bitter post punk/dark wave treasure, off ‘Die or Die’ EP, by Swiss band OGMH straight from the 80s

Christos Doukakis