VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Jackson Dyer – At Ease

An excellent sample of dreamy indie pop is the most recent single by  Sydney-born, Berlin-based indie singer-songwriter Jackson Dyer…

sweethearts – she called me sweetheart

Another 90s influenced indie pop anthem, and personal lyrical-wise, by British outfit sweethearts; Pavement, Fans of Weezer, Teenage Fanclub and Pixies feel free to invest!

Tablefox – Time

Kiwi rock 4-piece Tablefox’s latest track and video is among theimost powerful moments. Recorded by Scott Seabright Productions and mastered by Ryan Smith (ACDC, Greta Van Fleet) at Sterling Sound, ‘Time’ is an immaculate summer anthem for a time when everyone can use a little colour and optimism. Summer in our hearts also for this side of planet thanx to these 4 dudes!

VVV [Trippin’you] – Nadie Es Leal

Madrid trio VVV [Trippin’you] recently released a massive electro punk single that will blow your speakers up! Play this intense Beat loud!

Vox Humana – Reanimation

The closing track of Vox Humana’s debut album is a testament to 80s post punk, with modern, noir rock and 90s shoegaze ta its very best. ‘Reanimation’ is a bombardment of melancholy and definitely among the highlights of 2021!

Fragrance – Attiré Par Le Chaos

Paris-based Matthieu Roche, aka Fragrance, recently released his latest album ‘Salt Water’, and ‘Attiré Par Le Chaos’ is among its most outstanding tunes, a moody, mid-tempo synth-pop treat with addictive synths, well combined vocals and gradual, anthemic build-up. 

Grimson – I Was a Moth

We simply cannot get over the poetic lyricism of Grimson’s chamber folk beauty ‘I Was a Moth’; According to the Swedish/American songwriter and animator who grew up in New York, the song tells  “the story of a big change that came and went, leaving a sharp divide between the past and the future, and the melancholy associated looking backwards to a simpler, more confident time. But still, the iterations that the protagonist has experienced are all quite dour in of themselves, which begs the question, why is the protagonist looking backwards with such nostalgia if he was so unhappy?”

If The High Llamas played folk this might have been their sound:

Liminal Age – 2032 (Sutures)

Northern Virginia-based indie rock band Liminal Age’s latest single is love 6+-minute epic about lost love and finding your way back to those that care for you the most…

Wave System – Trust You

 A cinematic indie pop-rock single with emotive vocals, and progressive/post rock elements is smth we seldom come about. Wave System, the project of composer/producers Phil Danyew and Taylor Johnson, are here to unleash unique, spine-chilling creations for the daring ones!

Bondo – IF

Call this one math rock, slowcore or even sadcore. Los Angeles Quartet Bondo’s ‘IF’ is an epic track like the bastard child of Sonic Youth & Slint with godfathers being Unwound. Instant classic from another era!

Christos Doukakis