VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Whimsical – Gravity

American shoegaze/dream pop darlings Whimsical are back with a compelling A side from their new 7″ releasing June 4th on Shelflife Records. Krissy Vanderwoude & Neil Burkdoll are in top form!

Aalson – Crystal

‘Crystal’ by French producer Aalson is an astonishing melodic techno/house treat unleashing those ‘lost freedom’ vibes we desperately need…. Magnum Opus!

Yarck – The Valley of Vector

‘The Valley of Vector’ is about an adventure through an extraterrestrial landscape. A glitch-y idm odyssey by Amsterdam-based electronic producer Yarck, featuring some outstanding sound design!

Theorem of joy – Dust

If you are after the ideal balance of nu jazz, neoclassical, with highly expressive, soulful vocals, and intense improvisation spirit, then you shouldn’t miss Theorem of joy’s boundless, 8-minute treasure ‘Dust’

WEZ KING – Loaded Gun

Former lead singer of Tres kings, WEZ KING delivers the goods with his second release, an authoritative alternative rock banger with lots of attitude, guts…..& “bullets”!

Cardinal Black – Tell Me How It Feels

Welsh alt-rock quartet Cardinal Black’s debut single ‘Tell Me How It Feels’ contains some of the best guitar work we have heard in a while from an alt/indie rock outfit! Check those dudes out….

Tomorrow Might Be Better – Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me

Dylan Beresford’s solo, instrumental/post rock project Tomorrow Might Be Better’s debut single ‘Through it All, I Hope You’ll Wait for Me’ is a great sample of what to expect in the near future: Highly, cinematic post rock with emphasis on melody. Fans of Caspian and early-era Explosions in the Sky should fearlessly invest your time

New Candys – Zyko

Italy’s best psychedelic, post punk New Candys, is back with another gripping single-video from their upcoming full-length ‘Vyvyd’ (out June 4th)

“Probably the most playful song of the record, with unstable guitars and a heavy marching drum beat — in a way it breaks the fourth wall because it speaks directly to the audience. Zyko is Psycho misspelled. Could be related to the quote “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” (Nietzsche).” – New Candys

Matt Love – Gently Wake Me

 Aussie founder and songwriter of indie pop legends Even As We Speak (Sarah Records, Shelflife Records), Matt Love is back with new material, and couldn’t be anything less than an indie pop ear-candy with intelligent lyricism…

Isaac Jack – Applesauce

British 18 year old prodigy, Isaac Jack’s ‘Applesauce’ is an indie folk gem of raw emotion, and a vulnerable vocal performance that will haunt you from the very first seconds. Taken from his debut EP ‘The Salt That Stays’ available now!

Christos Doukakis