VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

TransForMusic – Awakening

An excellent and pretty unique blend of ethnic, avant pop and elegant nu jazz elements, combined with a stunning vocal performance

Falkevik – Amplify Me

The piano trio Falkevik combines Nordic jazz tradition with elegant pop melodies, and ‘Amplify Me’ is an ideal sample

Titi Woo – איפה אתה

A song that was written by Jody’s twin brother and ex-bandmate David, when he was still alive and well. Last Day Deaf loves Titi Woo

Coalfalls – Stone

Sonic snowstorms of washed out guitar, relentless tub-thumping and groovy ass bass from Coalfalls‘ latest EP ‘Pieces’

Sadurday – Sound the Alarm

The lyrics and concept for ‘Sound the Alarm’ are loosely based on the BLM protests of 2020 and the ongoing issue of police brutality. A punk-y, new wave must-listen for fans ofThe Clash, Blondie, or X-Ray Spex

El Quixotic – (Your Heart) Is Long Gone

A track about break-up… Dreamy, with heavenly melodies…Wish I could break up every day!

Belle Sonder – Over

Written and produced remotely during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Over’ sees Belle Sonder combine dramatic pianos, looming synths, energetic guitars and drums, with rich, layered vocals for a dark, enthralling song that epitomises the band’s desire to push themselves with their songwriting. Vital post rock/alternative rock for patient listeners!

Field Kit & John Gürtler- Lune

A powerful neoclassical composition with priceless cinematic value, for which Hannah has collaborated with Berlin based pianist and producer John Guertler. Taken from Field Kit’s debut album, out on Nonostar Records.

Diamondtown – Hide

 The members of Diamondtown have decades of experience in the fertile underground rock scene of Nova Scotia. Alumni of Eric’s Trip, Dog Day, Century Egg, and countless other bands have now formed like a flannel-clad Voltron. ‘Hide’ is their dream rock masterpiece!

Triangle Rain Club – Tonight’s the Night

The indie rock solo project of multi-instrumentalist Austin Smith, Triangle Rain Club, recently gifted us with its stunning debut single ‘Tonight’s the Night’ full of 80s pop nostalgia for the modern teens, and always feel-alike dudes

Christos Doukakis