VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

The Merricks  – Kink Together

Swiss one man band The Merricks tranfers us back in time, around mid-80s, with the a la Front 242, bleak, electro-industrial banger ‘Kink Together’…

A Sudden Burst of Colour – Transgressor

Mogwai’s compatriots A Sudden Burst of Colour, gift us with a highly atmospheric post rock treat… Pure, melodious and trippy!

Marcus Moon – The Moon Represents My Heart (Feat. Ania Hejnar)

‘An angelic voice led by neoclassical composer Marcus Moon’ is a jaw-dropping, cinematic opus…

Grooblen – Dinosaur Plant

A fine blend of slowcore, psychedelic folk and jazz (regarding the vocal performance) unfolds the artistic talent of Grooblen…  This was one of the very first songs she wrote after being diagnosed with a rare optic nerve disease… Melancholic beauty!

Kat Koan – PAIN

A dreamy, indietronica gem about post-natal depression by visionary, Berlin based artist Kat Koan

heliotropio – Sirens on Shore

A 7-minute experience of post rock sensitivity with a memorable crescendo after the 4th minute by Athenian-based solo project heliotropio

Present Company – It’s Not Looking Good

Present Company is an indie electronic/alternative band from Minnesota, and recently released one of the best tracks of 2021 so far; ‘It’s Not Looking Good’ has it all: An anthemic, out of this world chorus, a sublime vocal performance, 80s post punk/new wave/synth-pop aesthetics and some stellar synth work… Turn this beast up loud and re-gain your lost freedom in the pandemic era…

Panaviscope – The Last Smart Person on Earth

Panaviscope’s ‘The Last Smart Person On Earth’ is a track which passes through a variety of musical universes, from French House to the 90s, from 70s psychedelic rock to future bass. Genre boundaries not allowed!

Sairen – V’empire

A post metal inferno spewing out lava, by French outfit Sairen… 

Craig Lowe – Hold On

A pulsating electro/techno banger featuring  some remarkable synth work and addictive, futuristic vibes under the neon lights….

“Although the song was written before lockdown, I feel like the song depicts a journey, or a struggle, with ultimately a positive optimistic ending. Which I think encompasses the feeling and the situation many are feeling at the moment.” Craig Lowe

Christos Doukakis