VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

KYD Works – Gone (Hotter)

A high energy, exciting, lyrical journey through the mind of Bronx born Westchester raised artist Kyd Works

Hundred Plus Club – I Want Better

Buffalo buzzing four piece releases a song about wanting better in life… A stunning indie rock banger!

Tristan de Liège – Usawa (feat. ONYI LOVE)

A magical track equally influenced by world music and electronica… A swathe of harp notes, off beat rhythym and hypnotic vocals

Misty Mtn – Robots in the Trees

A seductive indie electro treat by American duo Misty Mtn, that never disappoints…

Police Control – Chute stationnaire

Wow, for one moment thought the TV would play “Back to the Future”!
Great 80s atmosphere…

Summer With Monica – The Art of Losing

The debut single by Amsterdam indie pop/dream pop outfit Summer With Monica is called ‘The Art of Losing’… Or pehaps winning? Dope!

Alina Yudaeva – City Lights

Moscow-based guitarist, composer, arranger Alina Yudavea returns with a moody instrumental piece for fand of melodic experimentation…

Made on Tape – How

Recorded on a vintage cassette machine and mixed down to a vintage reel-to-reel. Using a retro drum machine as well. Like Liquid Liquid having a “quarantine” party with Talking Heads… Unique & uncommon!

Hanna Ojala – Northern Scratch

Among the very few artists that you never know what you are about to listen before pressing the play button is Finnish “free spirit” Hanna Ojala. ‘Northern Scratch’ is a wild experimental dub techno treasure…

Prospect Lux – Arboreuciel

No fan of Aphex Twin and far left of center electronica should miss Prospect Lux’s imposing opus ‘Arboreuciel’

Christos Doukakis