VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Blackholestars – Halfway Home

New Zealand indie rock band Blackholestars, gift us with the ultimate indie anthem for the pandemic era; A song dedicated to those who, due to Covid-19, are stranded on the other side of the world.

Surmland Sound Science – 42 Rue La Bruyére

An analog, psychedelic trip inspired by Paris mid 70s, black shades, bonnes pilules…

Charlie Mudd – Then Maybe Better Than Later

An effortless indie pop gem, written in a hospital room after a hit-and-run. Often the best tracks are written cause of some hard, real life events. This is one of them!

shn shn – melt

Cinematic scene using production, soundscapes, ambience, dense harmonies and beatmaking from Black queer creator Shanika Maria. Lost in the haze!

Cold Engines – Kuato Lives

How about a track from an album that’s a fully realized rock opera based on Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 epic Sci-Fi masterpiece, Total Recall? Enjoy the unique Cold Engines…

CEEYS – Reunion

Award-winning cello-piano duo performing an impressive experimental but accessible minimalism, CEEYS, is back with another impeccable, audiovisual treat

Lacto-Ovo – Black and White Cats

The lead single from the 20th anniversary re-issue of Lacto-Ovo’s indie classic ‘Shoes & You’ will give goosebumps to all indie ‘kids’

Adriano Martorana – I would like to find you

Italian film score composer Adriano Martorana is not afraid to create romantic music in the ‘pandemic’ era… A pure masterpiece for all those who still believe in romance and feeling. An immense piece of work. Hold your breath…

Popcorn Fiend – The Fourth Wall

An electro-rock instrumental somewhere between Modeselektor and Joy Division, with a nod to Josh Wink in the mid-section synths… Monolithic addiction!

Deirdre – Sinking

Last but not least, a hazy, lo-fi treat by Copenhagen-based musician Joakim Johnsen, aka Deirdre… Fans of slowcore should defo check this out!

Christos Doukakis