VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Rien De Keyser – Sunrise Over Tetnuldi

Ideal mix of neoclassical with ambient to unleash that buried emotion.. On repeat!

Tatonic – Loose Grip on Reality

“what DJ Shadow would sound like if he played the instruments instead of samples” and “the love-child of Ravi Shankar and Ray Manzarek”

Spot on!

Amy Root – Livia

A stunning idm production with a big “indie pop” heart! Catchy as hell…

Entertainment – Maggot Church (Single Edit)

The bastard child of Swans & Duran Duran? This one is a US underground act updating the American Deathrock & UK Post Punk aesthetic. That’s Entertainment! 

Extra Special – Thanks To You

A sublime indie pop ballad with lush vocals? This one is an “Extra Special” present 4 u!

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Chemistry

Paul Cook & The Chronicles from London, UK, have released an absolute folk-y ear-candy! Catchy, flawless & ultra sweet!

Kosmo Sound – Aunt Sister Lydia

A great psychedelic, dub blend with dreamy blues guitars, brass and the typical dub vibe and drums, is the ideal opener of Belgian outfit Kosmo Sound’s debut album ‘Antenna’

NKOS – Can’t Wait

NKOS share their moodiest proposition to date ‘Can’t Wait’. Out digitally today on Beatbuzz Records

Benedikt – My Killer feat. Tuvaband

‘My Killer’ is an honest, introspective anthem about intense relationships abruptly ending. Dark & powerful!

Karen Rosenberg – Behind Me

Recorded live in the studio, a warm vocal jazz treat by Danish Queen Karen Rosenberg for those endless quarantine nights…

Christos Doukakis