VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Blackmont Project – Nivek

Ready for a stunning blend of experimental idm with addictive, atmospheric soundscapes, made in Costa Rica? Well, this is Blackmont Project, vital for Aphex Twin/Board of Canada’s addicts!

The Lost Noise Figure – Dance of the Dandelion

The Lost Noise Figure are from Thessaloniki, Greece, and their ‘Dance of the Dandelion’ is an infectious garage, psych banger with an infectious hypnotic that will ste you in the best “nirvana”. Exemplary stuff  taken from their 2022’s debut album ‘Alive’. 

FORT – Ouroboros

4 piece instrumental post-rock band from South Wales unleash some notable, ‘volcanic’, post rock lava in their 7+ minute anthemic treasure ‘Ouroboros’. If you dig Caspian this one’s unmissable!

Me & Melancholy  – I let you down (Dark version)

Swedish outfit Me & Melancholy combine elusive, 80s synth-pop with alt pop lyricism and the final result is ‘I let you down (Dark version)’. 

Bear, Man Dangerous – Bois sauvage

What could be the result of mixing post punk with slowcore and psychedelic rock finishing touches? Washington’s Bear, Man Dangerous are no fun at all. Pure dark addiction, and according to the creators “a meditation on late-stage capitalism and our inability to reconcile with the chaos and brutality of the empathy desert we live in”. 

Different Places In Space – Pink Puddles

A “larger-than-life”, chill psychedelic rock anthem by the Pittsburgh, PA. duo Different Places In Space will leave you begging for some more of its emotional vortex, after its end. Powerful music, getting under your skin within seconds!

Sergio Díaz De Rojas – Canción para Otto y Elsa

Priceless moments of neoclassical tranquility under a melancholic veil. Eerie, deep, spiritual and emotive composition by the Peruvian pianist and composer currently based in Valencia, Spain, Sergio Díaz De Rojas…

The Wearing Hands – Closer To You

American band based in Beckley, West Virginia The Wearing Hands are more than competent in creating effortless melodies judging by their superb post punk-indie rock amalgam ‘Closer To You’… Definitely “closer to them”….

Cosmo Klein & The Campers – Show Me What U Got

It’s high time   to get a bit more uplifting with a super sexy indie funk sensation from Germany that will get you in the right mood for dancing with its impeccable groove. 

Alpha Mound & Tidsrymd – Godmorgon framtid

An  epic kraut/post rock odyssey, somewhere in between earth & space that will directly seep into your brain with its priceless, eternal melody & angelic vocals. Ethereal beauty from Sweden…

Christos Doukakis