VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Sunstroke Rain – HEAVEN

Regarding indie pop, Sweden rarely disappoints; Sunstroke Rain is far from the exception to the rule. HEAVEN-ly indie pop

Domus – Shannon

A Mongolian string instrument morin khuur that Domus recorded during a trip in the Gobi Desert, paves the way in this unique idm/krat rock gem

Spitty The Sequel – Femme Fatale

Some dope boom bap sound by Spitty The Sequel to move ya body! 

Fireline Kiss – Angel

Experimental, acid-ic and dark… Another techno banger by Fireline Kiss

oh!no?ok. – Wheel of Fortune

A cathcy & loud al-rock banger by a promising rock ‘gang’

Oliver Marson – Time for Love

Ear-melting synth-rock by Brit ‘maestro’ Oliver Marson 

Ethemeral – Clarity

Chill & atmospheric downtempo brilliance to think with ‘clarity’

The Holy Knives – Love Runner

A downtempo future western love song intended to slow your heart rate down and transport your broken heart to the year 2049. Beauty!

Nathan-Paul – Bubble Gum Reggae

A bop with a reggae feel and jazz execution with Nathan-Paul’s signature

Kallidad – Parlay

Out of this planetary system, upbeat, intrumental latin rock by Australian band Kallidad

Christos Doukakis