VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Leaone – Grave Rave

The latest offering by British rising talent Leaone is produced with Lana Del Rey band member, Tom Marsh in Brooklyn, New York, and is a fusion of 90s Radiohead nostalgia and contemporary trap beats…

Stephen Roddy – Ignite the Core

A dark post rock opus with soaring guitar work influenced by Darkthrone & Arthur C. Clarke’s Odyssey series… Irish Stephen Roddy is the right man for this!

Kit Kido – Bonnie & Clyde

A stunning trip-hop production with an outstanding vocal performance and tons of 90s nostalgia, by Athens-based artist Kit Kido

Rhumba Club – The House Always Wins

Ideally combing new wave, indie pop with nu-disco, Rhumba Club delivers another addictive banger about the messianic hypocrites of our age…  

Whit. – backslide

A stylish urban pop gem with a distinctive melodic line, that focuses on a relationship where both parties vilify each other but can’t seem to stay apart and continue their cycle of hurt.

Sidus – Prototypes/Replicas (Acoustic Performance)

Berlin based post-rock instrumental one-man music project formed by bass player Spiros Olivotos, Sidus gifts us with an emotive post rock track dealing with the origin of humans… Powerful!

Forest Little – Onward

A ravishing downtempo/deep house blend by Dutch produced Forest Little that will fully compensate the patient ones. Play this one loud! – Satellite (Single)

A dreamy indie rock track whose priceless gold is its immediacy, and infinite melody that targets straight for the listener’s heart…. Can you feel this like we do?

Spineseed & the Sprouts – Feeling Blue

A heartfelt, blues-y vocal performance, lyrics from personal experiences, and one of the best 2021’s offerings comes from Australia, by alternative rock act Spineseed & the Sprouts… On endless repeat!

“I wrote this song while working at the family sawmill in Nimbin, remembering the all the time I missed while stuck in the city as a boy.” Spineseed & the Sprouts

Dinosaur Jr. – Garden

Lou grabs the guitar and the microphone, J the bass & Murph the drums & Dinosaur Jr. unleash their most Sebadoh-esque tune… “Sebadoh Jr.”

Christos Doukakis