VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Lemon – Shiiine On

Dutch band Lemon are among the best MADCHESTER ambassadors of the modern era. Their latest treat ‘Shiiine On’ is a euphoric, psychedelic hymn recorded together with guest singer Cath Coffey of the legendary Stereo MC’s


French citizen Florent Lelong, who creates under DeMarty moniker recently released ‘END OF TIMES PARTY’ a trance-y, synthwave treasure with addictive arpeggios that brought in mind Anne Clark’s ‘Our Darkness’

Dreams on Tape – Nostalgia

‘Nostalgia’ is the title track from Dream on Tape’s debut EP and is a dreamy, lo-fi pop gem conceived during a late-night recording session, fuelled by inspiration from a music-doc on the legendary 1969 Woodstock Music Fest…

Minerva – A Song to the Old Alexa, The Past… My Wife

Minerva is a U.S. one-man-band Andrew Kazmierski and A’ Song to the Old Alexa, The Past… My Wife’ is a 6+ minute, tear-jerking, slowcore treat about his lost wife/girlfriend. This is not for everybody, but those who love Bright Eyes, Dakota Suite and early-era Smog & Red House Painters should definitely invest their time on this timeless treasure…. 

NKOS – The Meekness of Happy

Dark electro/synth-pop outfit NKOS recently released their debut album ‘From Dust To Life’ on Beatbuzz Records, and ‘The Meekness Of Happy’ is a more than fine sample of their slow-burn wave lava with elusive vocals and ravishing synths…. Will you resist?

Pastel Coast – Sunset

Stunning indie pop by French Pastel Coast with a big dream pop heart!

Paper Foxes – Crystal Ball

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Paper Foxes’ latest single and video ‘Crystal Ball’ is an ultra catchy synth-driven indie rock anthem for the pandemic generation! Pure Gold….

Gabriel Stern – Graveyard of the Atlantic

Born in Jerusalem in 1943 (!), and eternally young at heart & soul Gabriel Stern gifted us with his latest experimental, idm, “space-classical” opus ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’, about a sailor who falls asleep in his bunk – his ship having returned to safety after a harrowing voyage. As he falls asleep to the sounds of the bustling port, a dream materializes. In the dream, he’s on a schooner, and a storm is brewing. As it picks up strength, winds howl, bells clang, the sea is churning, and his ship begins to founder. You choose the ned of the story!

Swiss Portrait – Your Mind

 Taken for the debut album by brit out fit Swiss Portrait, ‘Your Mind’ is among the absolute, shoegaze anthems of 2021…. Lost in their haze!  

Jimmy Herrity – Forever Young

Ending with the emotive slowcore anthem from Jimmy Herrity, whose main inspiration are great Sparklehorse and early-ear Grandaddy. Jimmy’s words about the track: ‘Forever Young was the easiest and hardest thing I have ever written. It was easy lyrically, because I was always writing very shortly after my brother died, as a way of getting my head to shut up. The hard part was just editing it, earlier versions of this song were much longer. There’s a lot to say when you lose someone in such horrific circumstances, it just isn’t always easy to say it. It’ll always be the most important thing I ever do, for you Shaun, love always, Jim.’

A pure masterpiece derived from pain

“…and i don’t want to grow old…”

Christos Doukakis