Antipole started as a project after Karl met Anne-Christel in 2013. Karl had been writing songs and been in bands before but was inspired to start writing and record more music – this time inspired by Anne-Christel, the early 80s wave and postpunk music.

Antipole make elegant coldwave/postpunk music. Guitar-based tracks driven by a linear rythm, inspired by the beauty of nature as well as the everlasting presence of mixed feelings while living our lives. The music is like sketches, gust, a puff of wind. An instant expression, a journey into the intersection of the lightest light and the darkest dark. A melodic-hypnotic sphere, only reached by the ones who feel the multifaceted shades of life. So fragile, but yet so strong.

Antipole has previously released two digital only 8-song EPs: “Panoply. Songs for AC” (2014) and “Getting Frequent Now” (2017). The former fully instrumental while the latter is featuring Paris Alexander.

The debut 14-song album “Northern Flux” out on Unknown Pleasures Records (UPR76) is featuring Paris Alexander and Eirene – both from Brighton, UK.


Antipole is Karl Morten Dahl

None of these songs would exist without Anne-Christel

02, 04, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 feat. Paris Alexander

01, 03, 06, 13 feat. Paris Alexander and Eirene

12 feat. Eirene

14 original by Joy Division (Curtis, Hook, Albrech, Morris) Factory Records 1979

Produced, mixed and mastered by Paris Alexander

Recorded at Lysverkvegen, Trondheim, Norway & Blue Door Studio, Brighton/UK

All songs written by Karl Morten Dahl in collaboration with Paris Alexander and Eirene

Artwork by Anne-Christel Gullikstad