Tribulation announced on their official facebook page on May 13th, that the drummer Jakob Ljungberg after five years in the band decided to leave. It seems that his departure was made in good terms, as the band express their love and wishes for him. Ljungberg said: ”It is with a heavy heart that I leave Tribulation. These last years have been among the best in my life, but they wore me out and now I have to continue life on different paths.Thanks to everyone involved – you made this journey spectacular, thanks to everyone that came up and said hi – it meant the world to me, thanks to everyone who believed in me – you made me believe in myself. Jonathan, Adam and Johannes. I love you.”The end of nights we tried to die – this is the end.””

Ljungberg is also a member of Second Sun where he sings and plays guitar. Tribulation will announce their new drummer the following weeks.

Mary Kalaitzidou