Canadian electronic artist Tim Hecker has announced the release of ‘Anoyo‘ a companion album to 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘Konoyo‘. Hecker’s current LP draws from the ‘Konoyo‘ sessions but is “starker, solemn, and stripped back, with more of a naturalist tint.”

Released via Kranky, the LP will contain six tracks, one of which has been publicly divulged for your listening pleasure. ‘That World‘ is 10-minutes of the experimental composer at his finest. Check out the teaser trailer, cover art, track-listing, and of course, ‘That World‘ below. You can find ‘Anoyo‘ among your stack of vinyls/LPs after May 10th.

Sarah Medeiros


Anoyo‘ track-listing:

1. That world

2. Is but a simulated blur

3. Step away from Konoyo

4. Into the void

5. Not alone

6. You never were